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By - May 16, 2012 (Updated: February 13, 2016)

eat SUSHI Brussels Selection

Our selection of sushi goodness from eat SUSHI Brussels

There are two questions about food we are asked consistently here at CheeseWeb: ‘What restaurants offer affordable delivery in Brussels?’ and ‘Where can I get decent sushi?’ Finally, we have an answer to both of those questions – eat SUSHI, near Port de Namur.

We have tried many sushi restaurants in Brussels – big, small, authentic, trendy, fancy, and hole-in-the-wall. What seems to be really lacking, is a good quality to value ratio. We’ve had excellent sushi but paid way too much for it and we’ve had affordable sushi that was mediocre at best. Our meal from eat SUSHI last night struck a great balance AND included free delivery to our home.

eat SUSHI is a French franchise and the Port de Namur shop is the first in Belgium (We hope to see more on the way!). As we opted for home delivery, that is the experience we’ll be reviewing but I look forward to visiting their restaurant in the future.

The website is clearly designed and easy to use (However it does seem to be only available in French at this time). Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard or restaurant tickets. The best part? – FREE DELIVERY for 1050 Ixelles, 1060 Saint-Gilles, 1000 Bruxelles, 1040 Etterbeek. This is one of the few restaurants in Brussels we’ve encountered that doesn’t charge for delivery – Big bonus points from us!

Here’s the full disclosure part… eat SUSHI offered to send us a selection of their food in return for an honest review. So, on to the most important part – what did we think of the food?

eat SUSHI Brussels Selection

Here’s a selection of the sushi we tasted from eat SUSHI

eat SUSHI has a very big menu, from classic sushi to some very unique creations and we tried some of each. (Names come straight from the eat SUSHI menu)

On the traditional sushi side of things, we tried ‘sushi classic tuna’ and ‘sushi gunkan salmon eggs.’ Both of these were generous in size, the fish was very fresh and the rice was perfect, not overly sticky as some sushi can be.

We then tried a ‘Maki California’ with tuna, avocado and mango. The mango added a great tangy, sweet compliment to the California roll.

One of my favourites was the ‘Maki Green’ with salmon, avocado, mint and coriander. I really liked the freshness of the herbs. Andrew wasn’t sure at first, as he’s not a huge fan of mint, and although it wasn’t his favourite, the fresh taste won him over as well.

MAKI GREEN salmon, avocado, coriander, mint

MAKI GREEN salmon, avocado, coriander, mint (photo via eat SUSHI)

We both enjoyed the ‘Maki Pink’ with salmon, avocado and fresh cheese. This was a sort of reverse sushi, where the salmon was rolled around the rice.

MAKI PINK salmon, avocado, cheese

MAKI PINK salmon, avocado, cheese (photo via eat Sushi)

Then it was on to the ‘Big Roll,’ with shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and fish roe. This was very tasty but, because of its size, a bit tricky to eat. We also both agreed this would probably be better ordered in the restaurant, as the tempura would stay crispier.

Our final sushi was the more experimental ‘Crusty Honey Yellow Sushi.’ I’ll admit, the name doesn’t sound that appealing, but the taste really surprised me. The yellow sushi is rolled in an omelette (some containing truffle flakes). The Crusty Honey has breaded chicken that has been marinated in honey with tomato tapenade and sesame seeds. We really enjoyed it so if you’re up for something really different, it’s worth trying.


MAKI YELLOW TRUFFE Crusty Honey (photo via eat SUSHI)

In addition to the sushi, we enjoyed miso soup and tasted three different salads. The wakame salad and cabbage salad were fresh, generous portions and what you would expect from these dishes. We were both blown away by the ginger and chilli combination of the calamari salad, however, and will definitely order it in the future.

The dessert was our only really big disagreement. Andrew loved the ‘Maki Sucré Coco White,’ containing banana and chocolate. As a banana hater, it wasn’t to my taste at all but it certainly is unique. With other desert options like mousses, tiramisu and cheesecake, I’m sure I can find a sweet bite more to my liking next time.

eat SUSHI also offers a range of soft drinks, green teas, Japanese beer and sake, to wash down your sushi.

Our order came to around 60 euro but was way more food than we would normally eat in one sitting. We found the price to quality ratio excellent compared to other sushi we’ve had delivered to our home.

We look forward to visiting eat SUSHI’s restaurant and we’re sure we’ll be ordering from them in the future.

Book a table at eat SUSHI online now.

Book your table at eat sushi online now

eat SUSHI Bruxelles Restaurant
Tour Bastion
Place du Champs de Mars 5
1050 Bruxelles

Metro: Porte de Namur
Phone: 02 207 15 70

We’d like to offer our thanks to eat SUSHI for providing us with a lovely meal and fast, efficient delivery. 

For more great restaurants in Belgium and beyond, check out our Restaurant Review page.

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  1. Comment by Edi

    Edi May 16, 2012 at 23:17

    Just tried out right after checking your inviting review!!

    – Taste: good 🙂
    – Innovation & Variety: great 😀
    – Finishing: careless 🙁

    We’d definitely go back but, hoping for better execution. A shame, because everything else is nice.
    Ok, they don’t deliver in our area, but your great review dragged us there.
    Thanks Alison! 😉

    • Comment by Alison

      Alison May 18, 2012 at 09:33

      I’m glad you liked your overall experience although it’s sad to here the finishing wasn’t so great. I guess we didn’t really have that issue as ours was take-away… we didn’t really expect it to look pretty after coming out of the boxes 🙂

  2. Comment by Tim Stoneway

    Tim Stoneway May 22, 2012 at 10:47

    I should try this.For years I have been trying to find good sushi in and around Brussels. There are only a few good ones though very expensive, and the rest were simply mediocre. I trust your review, though I have a small doubt about it being a French franchise. I have lived in different corners of France including Paris for several years. My quest for good sushi in France have been a complete disillusion, which lead me to roll my own sushis at home in the end. Good foreign food in France in general is really difficult to find. I can say the same thing in Indian food in France. UK remains still my best source for Japanese and Indian food. I will try your suggestion though. Hope it won’t be a disappointment.

    • Comment by Alison

      Alison May 22, 2012 at 11:20

      It certainly doesn’t compare to high-end authentic sushi Tim and I agree, that is very expensive in Brussels. In terms of good quality, fresh, take-away sushi, so far we’ve found it to be one of the best in Bxl. I hope you like it!

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