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9 Cheap Eats in Brussels, Belgium

By - October 10, 2014 (Updated: October 25, 2018)

This entry is part 10 of 12 in the series Best Restaurants in Belgium.

Our top 9 budget restaurants in Brussels, BelgiumIf you love to eat tasty, healthy food but are on a tight budget, you’ll love our selection of 9 cheap eats in Brussels, Belgium.

Just over a year ago, I wrote an article on Cheap Eats in Brussels for RTW Expenses. It’s been a hit with visitors to Belgium, as Brussels can be a tricky spot to find an affordable meal if you don’t know where to look.

Of course, we’ve always had the Belgian staples in Brussels – waffles and frites. I list my favourite spots to get these traditional ‘cheap eats’ in the RTW article, as well as my favourite budget seafood, pizza, and brunch restaurants.

At that time, healthy, interesting, and affordable food was just starting to make an appearance in Belgium’s capital. In just over a year, creative meals on a budget have sprung up all over Brussels and now we are spoiled for choice.

Today I want to share my latest favourite restaurants on Brussels’ Cheap Eats scene.

1. Peck 47 Café

Just steps from Brussels best fish and chips restaurant, Bia Mara, (mentioned in the RTW article) is Peck 47, a cosy little sandwich shop. This café has been popping up all over Brussels food blogs since it opened. While the sandwiches are tasty and there are some nice budget brunch options, I love Peck 47 for their drinks. While they offer tasty cocktails, it’s actually the non-alcoholic beverages I crave: big, thick smoothies, organic juices, great coffee, and lovely herbal teas. They even have a tea called Alison’s Secret Garden – how could it not be a winner?

Delicious drinks to wash down fresh sandwiches at Peck 47

Delicious drinks to wash down fresh sandwiches at Peck 47

Peck 47
Rue Marche Aux Poulets 47
1000 Brussels

2. MexiGo Mexican Take Out

We’ve written about MexiGo’s Mexican food delivery service and their ethnic grocery shop filled with Latin American treats. However, MexiGo also offers a small but yummy budget dining option. On-site, you can enjoy their burritos, empanadas, taquitos, and other takeaway treats if you just can’t wait to get them home. We especially think the burritos are a cheap, healthy, filling and delicious treat for lunch.

Take away, eat in, or have it delivered - Mexigo is a tasty budget option, wherever you eat it.

Take away, eat in, or have it delivered – Mexigo is a tasty budget option, wherever you eat it.

47 Francois Dons
1050 Ixelles, Brussels

3. King Kong Peruvian Restaurant

King Kong is another takeaway/restaurant that has taken the blogosphere by storm of late. In fact, we had been hearing so much about it, we decided to host a Brussels Food Friends planning meeting there. Maxine did a great job of reviewing our tasty Peruvian sandwich experience. I recommend the Chicharron hot pork sandwich. Yum!

Peruvian-style sandwiches at King Kong in Saint-Gilles

Peruvian-style sandwiches at King Kong in Saint-Gilles

Book a table at King Kong online now.

Book your table at King Kong online now

King Kong
227 Ch. de Charleroi
1060 Saint-Gilles, Brussels

4. Knees to Chin Spring Roll Restaurant

I LOVE spring rolls. But, I’ll admit, I was sceptical about a whole restaurant dedicated to rice paper rolls. But I’m now a Knees to Chin convert and, if it were any closer to my house, I’d be eating there every day. The concept is simple – there are six fresh and healthy spring rolls to choose from. You can order them a la carte or as part of a menu. Because we wanted to be thorough, (for you dear readers) we ordered one of each, plus a bowl of rice and salad, all to share. We loved everything, including the homemade sauces. My favourite was actually the vegetarian roll, featuring sweet potato, pineapple, fresh mint and avocado sauce. Not only are the spring rolls healthy and very affordable, they are virtually gluten and lactose-free (great for special diets!). Knees to Chin is definitely one to try.

I could eat at Knees to Chin every day!

I could eat at Knees to Chin every day!

Knees to Chin
rue de Livourne 125
1000 Brussels

5. Pho Pho Vietnamese Fast Food

My ideal lunch (or dinner, or breakfast for that matter) is a big bowl of fresh, Asian noodle soup. I can’t get enough of the stuff. We recently discovered Pho Pho and loved it so much, it’s on our recommended restaurants in Brussels list for the summer. What’s even better is it is GREAT for foodies on a budget. The soups are HUGE. I couldn’t finish my medium, let alone the large one Andrew slurped down. They are filling, fresh, healthy AND cheap. What more could you ask for?

Slurp-a-licious soups at Pho Pho

Slurp-a-licious soups at Pho Pho

Pho Pho Vietnamese Fast Food
Rue de la Paix 27,
1050 Ixelles, Brussels

6. Samourai Japanese Ramen Bar

Speaking of noodle soups, Samourai Ramen is not to be missed. Just like Pho Pho, it’s healthy, hearty, cheap and delicious. It’s also conveniently located for taking in the sights of Grand Place or shopping in Rue Neuve. Read our full article on Samourai Ramen for more information.

Another big bowl of goodness and delicious dumplings too - Samourai ramen

Another big bowl of goodness and delicious dumplings too – Samourai ramen

Samouraï Ramen
Rue Fossé-aux-loups 28
1000, Brussels

7. Le Nid Savoureux Authentic Chinese

While we’re on the topic of Asian food, we can’t forget our amazing meal at Le Nid Savoureaux. This was the BEST authentic Chinese food we’ve had in Belgium. It was spicy, fresh, and packed with flavour. The best part was we had mountains of food for under €20 each. It was a steal!

Spicy AND cheap eats at Le Nid Savoureux Chinese Restaurant

Spicy AND cheap eats at Le Nid Savoureux Chinese Restaurant

Le Nid Savoureux
Rue de la Cambre 325
1150 Woluwé-Saint-Pierre

8. Café Novo Belgian Restaurant

One of our most frequently asked questions is: ‘Where can I find a great Belgian Restaurant, on a budget.’ Now I’m about to share a little hidden gem, so listen up – Café Novo has my favourite Stoofvlees/Carbonnade in Brussels. (Believe me; I’ve tried loads of them before coming to this conclusion.) They also serve up traditional dishes like stoemp, boulettes, and filet Americain. Beyond the typically Belgian dishes, there are plenty of surprises, like kangaroo steaks and Moroccan tajines. In fact, their menu caters well to vegetarians, as well as carnivores. Café Novo’s falafels are my favourite summer dish when carbonnade is just too heavy. The restaurant is close to Grand Place, so it’s tourist-friendly, but it’s out of the way enough to still be a little secret. (You’re welcome.)

Cafe Novo is my little Belgian restaurant secret AND it's a cheap eat.

Cafe Novo is my little Belgian restaurant secret AND it’s a cheap eat.

Café Novo
Vieille Halle aux Blés 37
1000 Brussels

9. Food Trucks in Brussels

Another budget solution for great food in Brussels is sampling the food trucks, popping up like mushrooms, all over town. In fact, there are so many I want to mention, I’ve dedicated an entire article to our favourites. Read about our top 9 favourite food trucks in Brussels and beyond!

Looking for Valentine’s dinner inspiration? Check out where you can see what restaurants are open, have seating available, what they have on the menu, and make your reservation. 


Foodie Guide to BrusselsWe love not having to break the bank to enjoy great food in Belgium. We hope our selection of cheap eats in Brussels gives you some money-saving inspiration for your next meal in the capital.

Do you have a favourite budget restaurant in Brussels? Share it with us in the comments below and don’t forget to check out all of our restaurant reviews in Brussels and beyond. Or pick up a copy of our book, the Foodie Guide to Brussels, for our top tips on the best Belgian dishes, where to buy quality, locally made products, and which museums and festivals are musts for foodies.

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The 9 Best restaurants for cheap eats in Brussels, Belgium

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