After France, Spain is the European country we’ve spent the most time in, without actually calling home. We’ve visited lively Barcelona on three occasions and it’s a city we could easily spend much more time discovering. We’ve driven across the vast flat countryside of the centre, up into the dramatic Pyrénées Mountains, and along the twisty coast roads clinging to the Mediterranean cliffs. We’ve made city trips to Bilbao and Valladolid and quick stops in Zaragoza and Valencia.

Besides Catalonia, we’ve spent the most concentrated amount of time discovering the unique culture and landscape of Andalusia. We love the stunning white villages, hugging the hilltops, and the dramatic Moorish influences on cities like Granada, Cordoba, and Seville.

Still, there’s a lot of frontier here we’ve yet to cover. Now that our dear friends have made a home in Andalusia, we’re sure to be spending much more time here, so we’d better start brushing upon our Spanish!

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Regions we’ve covered

Andalusia, Spain
Aragon, Spain
Barcelona & Catalonia, Spain
Castile & León, Spain
Madrid, Spain

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