Castile & León, Spain

We’ve only had a taste of this vast region, when we decided, on a whim, to weekend in the capital, Valladolid. This was our first taste of cheap flights in Europe and the first time we flew to a city we’d never even heard of. It was a success and taught us we don’t always need a travel plan. (We’ve since thrown all our travel plans out the window… how far we’ve come.) Back then, Valladolid was barely on the tourist map for English-speakers. Although we’d love to return, we’re a bit worried the ‘unspoiled’ feeling, we had during our first visit, may be no more. Either way, we’re sure to see more of this corner of Spain in the future.

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So what do you do if your husband sends you a chat message asking if you want to go to Valladolid the next day? If you are most people, you’d probably respond with “Valla-where?” or possibly, “um why?” If you’re me though, you’d ask those questions only after you’ve said “Sure!”

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