The Netherlands

The Netherlands was our first ‘home’ in Europe and, unbeknownst to us, was about to kick off ten years of expat life in the low lands. We visited Holland for a few weeks at a time on several occasions, before agreeing to a three month stay in Amsterdam. Those three months planted the seed that changed everything about the way we wanted to live our lives. Little did we know, almost exactly a year later, we’d be returning to live in Amsterdam for another three months, while getting our paperwork in order to move to Belgium.

The majority of the articles in this section are from long before we ever thought of making a living from CheeseWeb and well before Alison built a career as a travel writer. While we’re rather embarrassed by the writing, we know there is still good information here, both about the places we visited and the feelings we felt as we embarked on this early stage of our expat life. We hope you’ll bear with the rambling words to find our passion for all things Dutch. We owe Holland a huge debt of gratitude for setting our life on the path it is today.

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Regions we’ve covered

Amsterdam & North Holland, Netherlands
Flevoland, Netherlands
Gelderland, Netherlands
Groningen, Netherlands
Limburg, Netherlands
Overijssel, Netherlands
South Holland, Netherlands
Zeeland Slow Travel

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