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While Andrew has been to Sweden multiple times for his former job, it isn’t a country we’ve visited together. Because Andrew’s travels to Sweden were work related, there was little time for sightseeing. We definitely want to head north in our motorhome (in the summer of course) and discover the dramatic wilderness landscapes we so miss from Canada. Visiting the Nordic countries in summer of 2016 is tentatively on our calendars, so watch this space for more.

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Stockholm, Sweden © Hector Melo A.

Aside from a trip to Helskini, Finland a few years ago, the majority of my travels in Europe have taken me south. However, today’s guest post by Ben of has me dreaming of adventures to the North.

Sweden is an enterprising country which has given much to the world including the famous IKEA furniture designs and the clear spirit vodka.

In winter, you will probably need a tipple or two to warm you up, but the Gulf Stream keeps the Swedish climate relatively mild, unless you go north to the subarctic region. There you can do all those winter wonderland things that people dream of – sleeping in an ice hotel, riding reindeer in Lapland and marveling at the mystical colours of the Northern Lights.

Here’s list of 10 things that everyone should do before they leave Sweden.

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