We were concerned about visiting Athens for the first time. Many people we talked to found it dirty, crowded, and over-rated. We loved every inch of it.

Maybe it was because we had low expectations to start with, or maybe it was because both of our visits to this historic city took place in the winter months. Whatever it was, we found Athens’ historic sites fascinating, the locals friendly, the central market incredible, and the food – oh, how we loved the food.

On our first visit, we stayed outside Athens, in the coastal resort of Vouliagmeni. From there, we drove along the gorgeous coast to the temple at Sounion. The temple was one of the highlights of our trip and we had it entirely to ourselves.

In this section, you’ll also find articles on Santorini, written by our favourite guest contributor, Adriana. If the photos don’t make you want to pack your bags and go right now, there must be something wrong with you.

If we can find a way to get our motorhome to any of the Greek islands, you can be sure we’re going to do it.

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