While we have technically been to China, and have the passport stamps to prove it, it’s hard for us to count a day in Shenzhen as having ‘done’ China. We did, however, spend an incredible week in Hong Kong –technically China these days but so unlike the mainland. We loved Hong Kong’s crazy diversity – the mix of ancient and modern, and Eastern and Western. We loved the vast markets and incredible food scene. We can even see ourselves living there for a few years.

We’re both a bit hesitant about mainland China, while we want to visit, the mixed reviews from our friends who have travelled there, make us pretty sure it would be a challenging trip. We’re always up for a good challenge, and we’ve learned to push our boundaries when it comes to travelling. Even if we don’t fall in love with a country, we’ve never regretted travelling somewhere new.

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Hong Kong is a city of contrasts and surprises

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Hong Kong is a city of contrasts and surprises

Hong Kong is a city of extremes. Despite my fears, before embarking on our Asian Adventure, I found myself falling in love with this huge city of contrasts. I’ve already written about how much we loved the markets, temples and, of course, the incredible food, but Hong Kong surprised us in other ways, as well. Below are six things that surprised me about Hong Kong.

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