We visited Helsinki very early on in our European life. Unlike many city-trips, where we are only able to visit for a few days, we spent over a week in the Finnish capital. We were immediately struck by how similar the landscape is to our Canadian home in Halifax. The rocky coast and abundance of green space reminded us of what we had been missing in Brussels.

In this section, you’ll also find one of our favourite guest posts by our contributor Adriana. She and her family went way up North in search of Santa Claus in Lapland. We’re eager to explore this part of the country for ourselves (although Alison will have to pack her hot water bottle!)

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As it turns out, the staff of the Holiday Inn in Helsinki did suggest we move floors. They put us on the top floor, in an ‘executive room,’ as far away from the ‘idols’ as we could possibly be. There are some interesting and very important differences between a regular...
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Right about now, I should be on an airplane winging my way back to Brussels. Instead I am sipping horrid instant coffee in a blurry-eyed state, in my Helsinki hotel room. My head is throbbing from lack of sleep and I can only image that my poor overworked husband feels...
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