England is a country we’ve spent a good amount of time in, but feel we still haven’t experienced enough. Andrew’s former company had its European offices outside of London, so he made frequent trips back and forth from Belgium in his final years ‘working for the man.’ Because of this association, there is no love lost between Andrew and London. Alison, on the other hand, enjoys London, despite its multiple attempts to kill her.

Beyond London, we agree, England is a country we enjoy. We’ve traveled by car to Herefordshire several times, to visit our friends at Holling Grange. We’ve explored a good deal of the West Midlands on those occasions, as well as taking a trip down to the Cotswolds.

We also took a three-day trip around the South West, with Alison’s parents, exploring Cornwall and Devon. There, we met wild ponies, played with otters and butterflies, had a walk in a tropical rainforest, and checked a few UNESCO sites off our bucket list.

We know England is motorhome friendly, so after touring the continent, we hope to brave the channel crossing and explore more of the UK.

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Regions We’ve Covered

West Midlands, England

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