Brussels, Belgium

It’s almost impossible for us to sum up the city we’ve called home for seven years in a couple of paragraphs. We’re sure if you dig into our articles about Brussels, you’ll see our passion for the European capital shining through.

Brussels has a reputation for being boring – but if you spend any time at all digging beneath the surface, it’s impossible not to find something to do. On any given day, there are more concerts, shows, exhibitions, and events than you could ever manage to see.

Brussels is brimming with museums. There are vast, internationally recognised collections like the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Natural History Museum, the Cinquantenaire Museum of Art and History, and the Rene Magritte Museum – all well worth taking your time to explore. But there are also small, quirky collections for just about every interest – from automobiles to underwear.

The food scene in Brussels is one of the best in the world. Belgian cuisine is well represented by both traditional recipes and emerging young and innovative chefs. International cuisine abounds thanks to the huge expat community in the city. From food trucks to Michelin Stars, Brussels is a foodie heaven.

While many visitors to Brussels only stop in the centre to admire our stunning Grand Place, it’s worth exploring some of the other neighbourhoods in the city too. Brussels is actually made up of 19 distinct municipalities, called communes, each with their own town hall and government and each with their own personality. From leafy, green Watermael-Boitsfort to trendy Ixelles, Brussels is much more than just Grand Place.

We’re sure we could spend ten more years in Brussels and still be discovering new things. Suffice it to say, we’ll be writing about the Belgian capital for many years to come.

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