Looking for a special memento of your time in Belgium, or a gift for an expat friend who is moving on? Keep your memories of Belgium vivid with the newly updated Beautiful Belgium photography book.

Beautiful Belgium is a collection of photography and digital artwork by Alison Cornford-Matheson, containing 110 pages of photos of Brussels, Flanders, and Wallonia, including dramatic landscapes, iconic architecture, and Belgium’s characteristic quirkiness.

Experience the beauty of Belgium, a unique country in the heart of Europe, with more castles per capita than France and 3 distinct cultures within its tiny borders.

Alison lived in Belgium for over 10 years and she drew inspiration from the hidden charms and beauty of the country. Beautiful Belgium combines her stunning travel photography — of vivid, picturesque locations in Belgium — with a selection of artistic works, her Forgotten Postcard digital art collages, some of which have never been in print before.

Beautiful Belgium is the perfect souvenir of your time spent in this unique country and makes a perfect gift for the Belgium-lover in your life.

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Beautiful Belgium is available now on Amazon US and Amazon UK. Both stores will ship around the world but if you’re shipping in the UK, the book is eligible for Prime.

Special Offer for Belgium

I know not everyone likes to order things on-line (personally I LOVE the convenience of on-line shopping!) For those of you located in Belgium, Beautiful Belgium is available at the American Women’s Club of Brussels club house.

  • Unsigned Hardcover books available for €50.00

Running an event or conference and want 50+ books? Or just want to have some on hand for going away parties? Please contact us and we’ll send you a quote.

Why I Created Beautiful Belgium

I often get asked if I sell the photographs here on CheeseWeb. The short answer is yes I do. All of my work is available as fine art prints, for you to hang on your walls and enjoy. (Contact us for details.)

But, as expats ourselves, we understand the realities of moving and shipping artwork (believe us, we’ve done it a lot) and wall art isn’t always practical for everyone. That’s why I put together a coffee-table book of my favourite photos of Belgium, called Beautiful Belgium.

The previous edition of Beautiful Belgium was published in 2011. We were overwhelmed by its popularity. But, going into 2014, we felt an update was long overdue. That’s why this version is bigger (50 more pages!) and contains even more beautiful Belgian locations than before.

We hope you enjoy this new and expanded version of Beautiful Belgium! Get your copy today!

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Still not convinced? Here’s what others had to say:

It makes a fantastic gift for someone going or leaving Belgium or for family and friends who love to travel.

Fantastic book! I highly recommend this treasure for all visitors, expats & locals!


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