Limburg, Netherlands

Not to be confused with its Belgian neighbor, Limburg, to the south, Limburg in the Netherlands is probably best known for its party-loving capital Maastricht. We’ve actually spent the majority of our time in Limburg in the smaller towns of Venlo and Arcen, both to visit spectacular gardens. The abundance of nature in this area makes it an attractive spot to park our motorhome for a little while.

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Arcen Castle Gardens near Venlo in the Netherlands

This spring I discovered a new gorgeous garden in the Netherlands called Kasteeltuinen Arcen (The Castle Gardens of Arcen). Although my visit was a bit early in the season to see the gardens at their best, Arcen has quickly become my new favourite garden destination.

A few months ago I ordered a book called The Garden Lover’s Guide to the Netherlands and Belgium (Buy on Amazon US, UK). While flipping through, I was blown away by the illustration of Kasteeltuinen Arcen. Andrew and I decided we would visit Arcen gardens the day after our Keukenhof tour.

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