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Best Restaurants in Belgium Series

Restaurants in Oostende Belgium

This entry is part 5 of 12 in the series Best Restaurants in Belgium

When Andrew and I visit a new Belgian city for a weekend, one of our first missions is to scope out recommended restaurants and make reservations. Over the course of two and a half days, we normally have one exceptional dining experience and one or two good meals. If we’re really lucky, there will be two stand-out meals. Dining in Oostende surpassed our expectations. 

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Where we've been eating this summer in Belgium

This entry is part 7 of 12 in the series Best Restaurants in Belgium

Every few months I write a round up of the restaurants in Belgium we’ve enjoyed recently. Some are places we’ve written entire reviews on, others are places we enjoyed, but didn’t write full articles about. If you’re venturing beyond the borders of Brussels, here are five great restaurants in Flanders and Wallonia worth a taste.

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