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5 More Must Eat Restaurants in Brussels

By - September 3, 2013 (Updated: October 24, 2018)

This entry is part 3 of 12 in the series Best Restaurants in Belgium.

5 More Must Eat Restaurants in Brussels, Belgium

Over a year ago, I wrote an article called 5 Must Eat Restaurants in Brussels. It has been, by far, our most popular post. (You guys must love to eat as much as we do!) Because there are many more than five restaurants you really should try here, I’ve created this long overdue follow-up post. So, without further ado, here are 5 more must eat restaurants in Brussels.

L’Idiot du Village

Vegetable risotto topped with seared scallops from L'idiot du Village

Vegetable risotto topped with seared scallops from L’idiot du Village

If you want a real taste of ‘quirky’ Belgium, L’Idiot du Village is not to be missed. While the décor is funky (with just a touch of odd) the food is just straight up delicious. In fact, we love this place so much, we wrote a whole post about it. Their duck and game dishes are heavenly and they have a way with scallops. If you are adventurous, order whatever the special of the day is, as it’s bound to be seasonal and wonderful. L’Idiot isn’t open on weekends and it books up quickly so reservations are essential.

L’Idiot du Village
19, Rue Notre Seigneur
1000 Brussels

Sale Pepe Rosmarino

We discovered this tiny Italian restaurant near Ave. Louise through a desperate, last-minute TripAdvisor search. Like many of the hidden gems in Belgium, you could easily pass it by. In fact, when we found it we looked at each other with “is this it?” expressions on our faces.

The cozy and delicious Sale Pepe Rosmarino

The cozy and delicious Sale Pepe Rosmarino

Inside the shabby-chic interior, delightful smells were emanating from the kitchen. Not long after we sat down, the small dining room began to fill. In addition to the rave reviews we read, these were two very good signs.

Our pasta arrived looking almost as wonderful as it smelled; and the taste – velvety and delicious. This is authentic Italian, prepared with care and attention to detail, just the way Mama would make it.

Sale Pepe Rosmarino
Rue Berckmans 98
1060, St. Gilles


[UPDATE: Jan/2018 We’re devastated to learn Soul is permanently closed.]

I’m often asked what restaurants in Brussels cater to special diets. Whether you are vegetarian, lactose intolerant, gluten-free or just want a great meal you don’t have to feel guilty about, Soul is the answer.

Soul is tucked away on a quiet backstreet in Sablon. Like the two restaurants above, it has a delightfully eclectic interior that is warm and cozy.

Soul’s menu is entirely organic and mostly sourced locally. They cater to any and all special diets and offer macrobiotic mood menus. If this all sounds a bit to ‘granola’ and scary, it isn’t. It’s just incredibly good food prepared with care.

Rue de la Samaritaine 20
1000 Brussels

Le Wine Bar

In the same neighbourhood as Soul, and equally as tucked away, you can find a more traditional meal. As the name suggests the main feature here is wine and the restaurant is located in a 17th century wine cellar.

The menu is short and heavy on meat dishes, but each one is prepared with care and attention. The beef braised in red wine melts in your mouth and the owner hand-makes the selection of charcuteries.

The service is excellent and knowledgeable and there are plenty of wines available by the glass and, of course, by the bottle.

Book a table online at Le Wine Bar now.

Book your table at Le Wine Bar online now

Le Wine Bar
Rue Haute 198
1000 Brussels


[UPDATE: We’ve just learned from one of our fabulous readers that ER has closed. 🙁 We are sad to hear this as you’ll see here we really enjoyed their menu!]

We’ve saved the ‘splurge’ option for last, but we promise, ER Pure is worth saving up for. This restaurant exudes understated elegance but there is nothing understated about the food.

Chef Vincent Vervisch creates eatable artworks featuring two unique flavours tea and cigars (Don’t worry fellow non-smokers, there’s nothing smoky about these dishes). The dishes have a Japanese flare and elegance and the flavour combinations blew us away. Every bite left us wanting more.

Culinary delights at ER

Culinary delights at ER

This must-try restaurant is only open through the week, so be sure to make reservations well in advance.

Avenue Louise 423
1050 Brussels

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