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Restaurant Food Delivery in Brussels – Our Top Options

By - October 5, 2012 (Updated: July 25, 2019)

Food Delivery in Brussels

Where can you order Chinese delivery in Brussels? Read on for the answer!

While the options in Belgium can feel limited, there are some restaurants in Brussels offering home delivery. Today we examine a few of the best food delivery options in Brussels.

You’ve just gotten home from a long day at work. You’ve thrown on your comfiest clothes and are looking forward to a quiet night in. You open the fridge to prepare dinner and all you find is some limp looking lettuce and a jar of mayonnaise way past its sell-by date. You don’t want to go back out into the world, so what’s a poor, tired and hungry expat in Brussels to do? Order delivery of course!

We write about restaurants in Brussels often on CheeseWeb, but one question we are constantly asked via email is ‘what restaurants offer home delivery?’

First, let me set your expectations – If you’ve expatriated from a North American city, you just aren’t going to find the same variety of restaurant home delivery options in Brussels, and rarely are they free or inexpensive.  So with that, let’s look at what options are available.

Resto-in – This is the best delivery option if you want a wide variety of foods to choose from. Resto-in serves as a distributor for various restaurants around Brussels. You order from your chosen restaurant, on the Resto-in website, and the Resto-in delivery people fetch it and deliver it to you.

Resto-in food delivery in Brussels

Resto-In offers the widest selection of delivery options in Brussels, but maybe not the best service.


  • You can track the whole process on-line.
  • You can use your credit card through the website so you don’t need to deal with cash.
  • Wide variety of restaurants: Asian, Lebanese, Italian, Belgian/French, Sushi


  • The delivery charge is expensive (ranges from €8-15€) and depends on where you live in relation to the restaurant you order from.
  • Some (but not all) restaurants also have a minimum order amount.
  • When we started using this service, it was called Resto-Presto and was a local company. A year or so ago, they were purchased by French company, Resto-in, and honestly we have found the service has slipped a bit. We’re hoping it is just growing pains.

Sushi Delivery in Brussels – There are actually quite a few sushi restaurants that deliver in Brussels, but our two favourites are Eat sushi & Sushi shop. Both restaurants offer standard sushi offerings as well as their own innovative twists on sushi. For more information, check out our full article on Eat Sushi.

Shushi Shop offers good sushi delivery in Brussels

Shushi Shop offers good sushi delivery in Brussels

Eat Sushi has one location in Brussels and offers free delivery to a limited area in the city. Sushi Shop has restaurants on Louise, Sablon and in Uccle and also in Waterloo. Delivery charges depend on your address.

Faraya Lebanese – We discovered Faraya through Resto-Presto (before it became Resto-in) and it’s our go-to restaurant delivery when we need some late-night hummus and falafel. They offer a variety of ‘sampler plates,’ with vegetarian and carnivore options, which we often opt for when we can’t make a decision. Faraya offers delivery through Resto-in and

Faraya Lebanese Delivery in Brussels

We enjoy Faraya’s Lebanese sampler plates delivered to our door. – We have not yet used, as I just discovered it, while researching this post, but it offers a similar service to Resto-in. You start by entering your postal code and shows you all of the restaurants you can order from. pizza delivery in Brussels – Not just pizza delivery in Brussels.

The restaurant offerings (at least for my neighbourhood) are weighted heavily towards Pizza/Italian (no surprise there) and Asian food: Thai, Chinese and Sushi. However there are a few ‘exotic’ options like Lebanese, Swiss, Vietnamese, Greek, Egyptian, and several options are marked Halal. The website is available in French, Dutch, English and German. [If you have used this service we’d love to hear about your experience and we’ll update this post when we try it for ourselves.] – This is another site I stumbled upon while researching this post. The site itself doesn’t offer delivery, but rather lists all of the restaurants that offer delivery to your postcode, and links directly to the restaurant website. Each restaurant listing includes the delivery areas, cost of delivery, minimum order amount and the hours of operation. Right now, their Brussels website is only available in French but they say other languages will follow. - Food delivery options in Brussels

Check out for more food delivery options in Brussels – One last option for figuring out what restaurants deliver in Brussels is You can search the site by checking the Home Delivery option to filter your results. The site is for the entire country so you aren’t just limited to delivery in Brussels. You can also filter your results by location, type of cuisine, etc.

Resto Pages also allows you to search for home delivery options in Belgium

Resto Pages also allows you to search for home delivery options in Belgium

Comocomo – This is a great little Spanish tapas restaurant we frequent for late night snacks and good wine. They do offer delivery, but unfortunately only in large quantities. However, if you are having a party (15 people or more) this could be a fun option.

MexiGo – If you plan ahead, MexiGo is a great option for food delivery. We’ve written all about their free Mexican food delivery in Brussels in our post.

We hope this post will help you satisfy your food delivery needs. If you’ve used any of these services, or can recommend any we’ve missed, please share your comments below.

For more great restaurants in Belgium and beyond, check out our Restaurant Review page.

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