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Bastogne WW2 Museum, Bastogne, Belgium

Bastogne WW2 Museum, Bastogne, Belgium

Wallonia was the setting for one of the worst battles on the Western Front, the Battle of the Bulge. Now it hosts one of the best museums dedicated to WWII and this battle – the Bastogne War Museum.
7 More Must Eat Restaurants in Belgium

7 More Must Eat Restaurants in Belgium

It’s been seven months since our last round up of restaurants we recommend in Brussels. We are long overdue to share our recent top picks. This time we didn’t limit ourselves to Brussels and have a pair of restaurants in Wallonia in the mix as well. So without further delay, here are 7 more must eat restaurants in Belgium.
Belgian Beer Every Month from Belgian Beer Discovery

Belgian Beer Every Month from Belgian Beer Discovery

Want to taste Belgian beer and learn about small, local, Belgian breweries, without even leaving your house? With boxes from Belgian Beer Discovery, you can taste your way around the country every month.
Our Review: The Hotel and The Restaurant, Brussels, Belgium

Our Review: The Hotel and The Restaurant, Brussels, Belgium

When you call yourself The Hotel and The Restaurant, you’d better be good. We think The Hotel and The Restaurant in Brussels deserve the title.
Visiting Timmermans Brewery with Keep On Toasting

Visiting Timmermans Brewery with Keep On Toasting

What happens when you combine family brewed beer, gourmet croquet monsieurs, and a group of food bloggers? We didn’t know either. So when we were invited to join Keep on Toasting at Timmermans Brewery last month we jumped at the chance.
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Learn French Online with Frantastique – Review and Contest

Our regular contributor, Adriana, reviews Frantastique’s online French classes, which are humourous, quick, and highly personalized. 

Chèvrerie du Bois des Mûres Goat Cheese Farm in Havrenne, Belgium

Today we taste delicious organic goat cheese from Belgian farm, Chèvrerie du Bois des Mûres, in Havrenne, near Rochefort, in the province of Namur.

3 Reasons You Don’t Have Many Belgian Friends

Our guest contributor tackles a common expat issue – making friends with Belgians. If you’ve ever felt you don’t click with the locals, Paola offers 3 reasons why you may not have many Belgian friends.

Ommegang Medieval Festival in Brussels, Belgium

The Ommegang pageant takes place each year in Brussels, Belgium, to commemorate the ‘joyous entry’ of Charles V, and is an important part of the country’s cultural heritage.

Samouraï Ramen Noodle Bar in Brussels, Belgium

Asian noodle-lovers rejoice! Samouaï Ramen is the newest addition to Brussels healthy ‘fast food’ restaurant scene and it’s slurp-tastic!

Discovering Natural Wallonia at the Auberge du Sabotier, Awenne

“Listen closely and you should be able to hear them.” I strained my ears, shivering in the cold dark parking lot. All I heard was the shuffling feet, of several other journalists, gathered around me. It was almost midnight and we were huddled together in a forest, in the Ardennes, listening for a special sound – the mating call of wild stags. That’s right; I had forgone my comfortable bed at the Auberge du Sabotier to listen to deer pick-up lines. Nobody can say the life of a travel writer is boring. (Weird, but not boring).

Art and Industry at La Piscine Museum, Lille, France

When was the last time you went to a swimming pool to see works of art? If your answer is never, it’s time you visit La Piscine in Roubaix, France, Lille’s Art and Industry Museum.

10 Reasons to Visit South Wales

Castles, ruins, history and, of course, food; today Adriana shares 10 reasons you should visit southern Wales.

5 Lessons for Expat Life I Learned the Hard Way

After almost nine years of living abroad, I’ve learned countless things about myself, Belgium, and expat life. Today I want to share five of these lessons I wish I knew when I first arrived as an expat in Belgium.

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