The Social Media Syndicate Invades Brussels

By - July 25, 2011 (Updated: November 21, 2014)

The Social Media Syndicate hard at work in Brussels

The Social Media Syndicate hard at work in Brussels

You may remember, last month I introduced you to the Social Media Syndicate (Team SMS) – A Mongol Rally team made of travel bloggers. Andrew and I were delighted to host them in Brussels for the very first leg of their epic drive to Mongolia.

Team SMS is made up of our fabulous friend and star cat-sitter, Sherry Ott of Ott’s World; travel blogging rock-stars, Dave and Deb of the Planet D, and the southern gentleman with a video camera, Rick Griffin of Midlife Road Trip. This was travel blogging royalty so we had to show them a great time in Brussels.

The foursome arrived late in the evening and we knew they’d be ravenous.  We greeted them with Belgian Bubbles and beer, French cheese, cured meats and a variety of salads. We talked and laughed long into the night about their up-coming adventure, travel, blogging, photography and food – all the things we love here at CheeseWeb.

Because this epic adventure is also work for Team SMS, they were up early the next morning to write, edit photos and work all the social media channels they could. Andrew and I finally unplugged them and we headed into the heart of Brussels.

After a detour past the palace and museums, we invaded Grand Place. Four cameras started snapping simultaneously. I finally started to understand what Andrew must feel like with me stopping every two seconds to photograph yet another scene! This time I couldn’t hide behind the lens and was dragged into a few photos myself. I even found myself playing impromptu host on Rick’s travel video. Yikes!

The Social Media Syndicate in Brussels

Hanging out with travel blogging royalty

The Social Media Syndicate in Brussels

Andrew poses with Team SMS too

Then it was time for some Belgian specialities. Rick’s bucket list included eating a Belgian waffle in Belgium so we took the team to Dandoy for the best Belgian waffles I’ve tasted. The verdict? Clean plates all around!

Belgian Waffle

There was no waffling about these waffles at Dandoy

No trip to Belgium would be complete without frites, so our walk back home included a stop for a cone of fries and mayonnaise.

Then, as suddenly as they arrived, in a flurry of laptops, smartphones, cameras, and cables, they were gone. Team SMS is already racing through Germany on their way to Prague.

We wish them all the best on their epic adventure to Mongolia and we’ll be following along with them all the way!

England to Mongolia

Follow Team SMS on their epic road trip to Mongolia!

Make sure you follow the Social Media Syndicate on their website and on Twitter with #mongolsms

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  1. Comment by Nomadic Chick

    Nomadic Chick July 25, 2011 at 22:31

    It’s adorable how you call them travel blogging royalty. I’ve had the pleasure to meet all of them (including) you, except Rick.

    He’s next on my hit list. I hope to make it Brussels one darn day!

    • Comment by Alison

      Alison July 26, 2011 at 09:43

      Lol, There were a few travel blogs that were such an inspiration for me when I was deciding what direction to take CheeseWeb in. Yours was certainly one missy and meeting you last summer was great! These guys are all super people, great writers and hard, hard workers.

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