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By - August 16, 2007 (Updated: November 28, 2014)

We’ve been home for a week now and I’m still trying to get my sleep schedule back to normal. I’m still fighting off a cold and the trip back to Canada is still a blur.

Because I’m not coherent enough to write about everything we did, I thought I’d post my favorite photos from the trip. After all, they do say a picture is worth a thousand words…

After saving for ages, I finally got my new digital camera, a flash and some fantastic lenses.
As you can see, I’m very happy about the camera purchase… Andrew is smiling because he hasn’t seen the bill yet and Phil is a happy camper from all the commission I’m getting him.
Cheri at the scene of the crime.
Chillin’ with my Amy.
Canadian coffee eh?
We look like crap because we had to wait until midnight to buy Harry. Yes… we’re dorks.
But at least we’re happy dorks…
Clan Matheson – We’re not often in the same place at the same time.
Me and my Gram
My Grampy
Getting some Lobster in St. Andrew’s. (I had lobster 6 times in 3 weeks…)
Drew looking for whales.
There’s one! (We saw loads actually)
and another…
Mom looking up from the lower deck of the whale watching boat.
Dad likes his Guinness…
Sue, Charlie & Keji in the car.
Cap’n Drew
Sue and Keji
Sue and Keji
Moi, Sue and Keji dans le bateau
Charlie and Keji
Me and my Jenn pre sushi fiesta.
The boys looking tough with their Japanese beer.
Jenn tolerated many portraits that evening…
Jenn and Stew
This is why she put up with my photos for so long…
My wino
Mmmm… martinis
a few to many drinks perhaps…
My Cheri in Mahone Bay

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Alison Cornford-Matheson is a Canadian freelance writer and travel photographer and the founder of She is the author of The Foodie Guide to Brussels: Local Tips for Restaurants, Shops, Hotels, and Activities. Alison landed in Belgium in 2005 and, over the years, has become passionate about slow and sustainable travel, in Europe and beyond. She loves to discover hidden gems - be they museums, shops, restaurants, castles, gardens or landscapes, and share them through her words and photos. She has visited 45 countries and is currently slow travelling through North America in an RV, with her husband, Andrew, and two well-travelled cats. You can also follow her work on Google+
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  1. Comment by Shannon

    Shannon August 17, 2007 at 05:21

    OK.. your Grampy is SOOOO cute! You look smashing in the black thing (I’m assuming your new dress?!) love it… can’t wait to see the rest =P

  2. Comment by Megan

    Megan August 17, 2007 at 15:14

    Love the pictures.

  3. Comment by Kim H

    Kim H September 4, 2007 at 14:07

    Hi Alison! Great photos of your time back home. We must have passed each other somewhere along the way! I just returned from NS where I also bought a new camera. Now I just have to learn to use all the bells and whistles!

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