My New Room Pt. 2

By - June 26, 2007 (Updated: November 28, 2014)

So I have a few quick things to update.

  • First of all, my Mom is officially retired. Yay Mom! So now all of our parents are officially retired old fogies and we can send them to the home… er, lovely gated retirement villages 🙂
  • We’re still looking at mid-July for our Canada trip but we still haven’t booked the tickets. I blame Andrew. You can too 🙂
  • After two years (of peace and quiet), we finally have a TV. You’ll have to wait for the Expatica article this week to read about it though.
  • Lastly, as of this weekend, my office is now moved down to the office/studio/craft room. Check out the pictures below…
If you compare this to the last post you’ll see a few new additions: two more bulletin boards, a few extra shelves and some accents.
How could I resist an orchid in a lime green pot? Besides, the bonsai was lonely 🙂
Ok, so pink doesn’t match the teal/lime colour scheme, but inspiration should come in all colours…
So this is the office corner of the room. It’s a bit more bland but the reason is the white walls will be my studio backdrop (or one of them anyway) when the studio is actually ready. (If only I could do something about the god-awful floor).
Close up of my desk – more or less as it was upstairs but with my awesome new chair. (the essentials: My learn Dutch program, my Photoshop mags, my art-a-day calendar and my lavender hand cream.
You may remember this behemoth from upstairs. Now I have my printer close to my desk AND easily accessible from craft projects. And it’s on wheels so I can get it out of the way if I need the studio space.

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