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By - March 27, 2007 (Updated: November 28, 2014)

April is going to be one busy month. My calendar is scribbled over already.

It seems to be like that for us – months of routine (get up, work on photos, eat, work on photos, eat, watch a movie, sleep, repeat) followed by a month of travel insanity. The travel is great and I’m not complaining (would I ever…?) but couldn’t we spread it out just a little more? No? Ok…. Fine then.

So spring has sprung here in Belgium and for me that means one thing – Flower Photography!

People have been out puttering in their gardens here in Everberg and the Daffodils are up and the bushes are in bloom. I even attacked my (sorry excuse for a) garden yesterday. Note to self: buy garden gloves because stinging nettles hurt… a lot.

So the first excursion is actually Thursday. Andrew has been excursion-ing all month (end of quarter nonsense) and this is a result of his work. We’ll be hopping on the Eurostar Thursday morning and going to London. Andrew will work Thursday and Friday and hopefully Saturday and Sunday we’ll have some time to wander together. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping the weather will be a bit more pleasant than last time so I can explore with my camera.

On Easter Monday, the re-opening of the Vimy Ridge memorial is scheduled and Andrew has penciled that in as a day trip.

On Thursday of that same week we head to Holland, for our fourth trip to Keukenhof. We’re experimenting this year with visiting on a weekday, in the hopes of avoiding some of the crowds. I kind of doubt it will make a difference but here’s hoping.

The week after that, the Laeken Greenhouses open to the public and I’d like to get back again this year, however it probably won’t be that week because….. We may be going to Canada!

We are still planning to visit in July for three weeks (when Andrew will actually not be working). But he just found out that he is needed in Halifax for training for a week. Sooooo, he’ll work in Halifax for two weeks and I’ll get to visit.

It’s a rush trip planning wise so we won’t be able to bring as many goodies home as I’d like to (sorry, you’ll still have to wait until July) but it will be nice to have a few days to see everyone before our long trip in the summer. So turn up the heat because I’ve been watching your weather… and frankly it’s not good enough yet.

Again this is subject to change until everything is booked (well, even after everything is booked knowing our life) but I will keep you posted.

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    Mom March 27, 2007 at 12:14

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the trip will be a go. Can’t wait to see you. Mom

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