Untitled 1 Tour Brussels by Motorcycle with Taxi Moto and FunKey Hotel

Ready for the Moto-tour of Brussels architecture

We love learning about Belgium. In fact, we’ve done tours all over the country, usually on foot or by car. So when the staff at FunKey Hotel asked us to test a new tour they’ve organized in Brussels, we were intrigued.

The only catch – it’s on the back of a motorcycle.

As you’ll learn, riding a motorcycle is not one of my acquired skills. Add to this, the tour was in Brussels, a place with some of the most aggressive driving in Europe. Was I nuts? Probably. But, early one Saturday morning, I found myself heading to the FunKey Hotel to give it a try.

Anything for the blog, right?

Check out my short video of the motorcycle tour experience:

2013-11-23 FunKey Taxi Moto Brussels Architecture Tour from Alison Cornford-Matheson on Vimeo.

My final verdict: The tour was great and nowhere as scary as I imagined. Not only did my driver and guide, Thibault, keep me safe on the roads, but he shared some new insights about the Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture of Brussels along the way. It is a unique way to visit the city and much more personal than a bus tour.

If you have an hour or so to kill, I highly recommend it. Tours are offered in English and French.

Tours start at the FunKey Hotel:

116 Rue Artan
1030 Schaerbeek

Prices: 60mins – €70; 90mins - €100

Book by sending an email to Marlene@FunKeyHotel.com or Sarah@FunKeyHotel.com.

You can also book Thibault, or one of his other Taxi Moto drivers, for taxi services via UrbanDrive.be. They charge a flat rate of €20 (weekdays) or €30 (weekends) anywhere in Brussels. Very convenient at rush hour!

Thanks to the FunKey Hotel and Thibault for inviting me to experience this new service. As always the opinions are our own.