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Hong Kong is a city of contrasts and surprises

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series CheeseWeb's Asian Adventure 2013

Hong Kong is a city of contrasts and surprises

Hong Kong is a city of extremes. Despite my fears, before embarking on our Asian Adventure, I found myself falling in love with this huge city of contrasts. I’ve already written about how much we loved the markets, temples and, of course, the incredible food, but Hong Kong surprised us in other ways, as well. Below are six things that surprised me about Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong and Sabah

This entry is part 2 of 10 in the series CheeseWeb's Asian Adventure 2013

Hong Kong and Sabah – Two very different locations, one incredible adventure

Just over a month ago, we announced our big plans for CheeseWeb’s Asian Adventure 2013. This Wednesday, we returned from that incredible journey. It’s going to take us some time to process all of our thoughts and experiences (not to mention our photos!), but today we want to share just a little taste of what we saw, did, ate and felt over those two amazing weeks.

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Winter Ski Holiday

Winter Ski Holiday (via wiki)

While many of us are wondering what happened to summer this year, the folks at Club Med are already gearing up for the winter holiday season. They’ve sponsored this great list of top 10 winter destinations for those of you who love the snow and those who want to escape it.

When we go for a winter holiday there is generally one of two things on our mind. One is to escape the cold, wet, winter months for a while and enjoy more temperate climates, bask in brilliant sunshine on a foreign beach and maybe take in a little snorkelling, sailing or some other water sports. The other, of course, is to enjoy some winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, while hopefully enjoying some sunshine at the same time. Thus, in compiling this list of the top ten winter holiday destinations for 2011/12, we have taken both of these motivations into consideration. We begin with some great places to enjoy all inclusive ski holidays, and finish with some suggestions for indulging ourselves in the balmy climates of foreign islands.

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