Orange is taking full advantage of being allowed in her Mom’s normally off-limits office.

So last night Andrew and I had the joyful task of force feeding Orange. We let her eat as much as she wanted from the bowl on her own first and then the fun began. Let me tell you… syringing cat food down a wriggling, clawing, unhappy cat’s throat is not a fun task. By the end of it, there was more cat food on Andrew and I, on the floor of the kitchen and wiped up in paper towels than in the cat. Miraculously however, we all survived the ordeal.

This morning we were geared up for another battle. Orange however, shocked and thrilled us by eating the entire bowl on her own (very slowly mind you but entirely without force). We were ecstatic about this and feel it’s a very good sign.

We weren’t quite home free as we had to get a pill down her throat… something she absolutely hates. That was quite a struggle, involving some blood loss on my part but we won in the end. After that, she even ate a bit more food to get the pill taste out of her mouth.

So I’m hoping tonight will go as well as this morning and we don’t have to resort the syringes again. Your happy thoughts and prayers seem to be doing a very good job as Orange really seems to be bouncing back from this.