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5 expat lessons I learned the hard way

5 expat lessons I learned the hard way.

After almost nine years of living abroad, I’ve learned countless things about myself, Belgium, and expat life. Today I want to share five of these lessons I wish I knew when I first arrived as an expat in Belgium.

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7 Guilty Secrets of Trailing Spouses

Are you keeping any of these 7 guilty secrets of trailing spouses?

Today, expat coach, Louise, looks at 7 guilty secrets common to trailing spouses. If you recognize yourself in any of them, never fear, you aren’t alone.

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What does it mean for expats to go 'home'?

What does it mean for expats to go ‘home’?

When you land in a new country as an expat, the initial days are filled with a mix of excitement and fear. While there are plenty of resources and support to help new expats cope, what happens at the end of our expat assignment. Today, our guest contributor, Michelle, discusses the difficulties of reverse culture shock and confronts the question, ‘can you ever really go home again?’

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