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Articles About Slow Food Restaurants (Page 9)

Cool Bun Hamburger Restaurant in Brussels

Gorgonzola Burger in the foreground, onion rings and the Big Ben towering in the background.

Since our arrival in Brussels, Andrew and I have been searching for the perfect hamburger. In the early days, our quest went unfulfilled, but in the past few years the hamburger scene in Brussels has greatly improved. We’ve discovered a few locations with some darn fine burgers, but we still hadn’t found one we could call perfect. Everything changed, with our discovery of Cool Bun.

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Julevi B&B, Eupen, Belgium

One of the light, airy upstairs bedrooms at Julevi

Although most people think of Belgium as a bi-lingual country with French and Flemish spoken, there is actually a third official language – and no, we don’t mean English.

Like most inhabitants of Belgium, Andrew and I knew very little about the Eastern Cantons; the 11 municipalities that are home to the country’s German-speaking community. Last weekend, we decided it was high time we educated ourselves about this under-promoted corner of Belgium.

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L'Idiot du Village Restaurant, Brussels, Belgium

L’Idiot du Village Restaurant, Brussels, Belgium

Nestled on the corner of Rue Blaes and Rue Notre-Seigneur, in the Marolles, is a cosy little secret of in-the-know foodies. It’s called L’Idiot du Village, but even the village idiot will tell you, it’s worth finding this  little restaurant.

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Hopdog and owners Sameul and Chady

Hopdog and owners Sameul and Chady (photo via Hopdog)

Hotdogs probably aren’t the first food that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘gourmet.’ But a new company in Brussels is trying to change that. They’re called Hopdog and they’re taking food in a bun to a whole new level.

After one quick look at Hopdog’s website and menu, we decided we had to give these healthy, gourmet hotdogs a try. So, we grabbed a couple of willing friends and went to taste-test.

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