Bike through Belgium’s Hidden Gems with Le beau vélo de RAVeL

By - August 11, 2015 (Updated: June 7, 2017)

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Le Beau Velo de Ravel is a great way to explore Belgium's hidden gems

Le Beau Velo de Ravel is a great way to explore Belgium’s hidden gems

Guest contributor, Adrian, introduces us to Belgium’s all-ages summer cycling event, Le beau vélo de RAVeL and shares why it’s a great way to discover Belgium’s hidden gems.

Belgium has a lot to offer cyclists, even beyond its well-known tourist destinations. If you are done with visiting the big cities and have already taken the bike trip from Namur to Dinant, consider discovering the hidden gems of Wallonia and Brussels, with thousands of people, all riding bicycles. This huge group event is well organised, safe for everyone and, at the end of this cycling trip, there are concerts and various entertaining activities. You can do all this every Saturday, from late June to late September, at Le beau vélo de RAVeL.

What is Le Beau Vélo de RAVeL ?

To put it simply, Le beau vélo de RAVeL is a radio and TV show aired by the RTBF, Belgium’s French-speaking public broadcasting company. But it involves much more than a broadcast program. It is a cross-media event, meant to promote local tourism and sustainable mobility.

Cycle through Belgium with a group or at your own pace

Cycle through Belgium with a group or at your own pace

The principle is quite simple: every Saturday of the summer, a 30 kilometre guided tour is organised in a different part of Wallonia or the Brussels Capital Region. The cycling trip follows a closed loop and its trajectory is carefully chosen to include the most attractive sights of the respective area – from picturesque villages, farms, and castles, to wide open fields, rivers, and forests. The trip is open and free for anyone to enjoy. No wonder thousands of cyclists of all ages join the ride every weekend. For the less audacious, a shorter loop of about 10 kilometres is also available, which is ideal for families with kids.

The event is open to all ages and is great for families

The event is open to all ages and is great for families

The whole bike ride is broadcast live on VivaCité Radio and is hosted by Adrien Joveneau. He is joined along the way by various guests: artists, sportspeople, politicians, etc. A 25 minute TV report from the event is also broadcast on TV channel La Une the next day.

Adrien Joveneau is the showhost

Adrien Joveneau is the show host

For each stage of Le beau vélo de RAVeL, there is a clearly designated departure point, as well as a “refuel” stop (halte ravitaillement) halfway into the journey. At the departure point, you can find everything that makes up the nice, cosy ambience of this event: the stage, the various stands, the bike rental and bike repair points, a cafeteria, and plenty of stands for participants to attach and lock their bicycles. Depending on the stage, this departure area can be set in a park, a public square, a parking lot, or simply an open green area. Once you reach this place, you feel like you are joining a summer festival.

(2015) Refuel break on the Provincial Domain of Chevetogne

(2015) Refuel break on the Provincial Domain of Chevetogne

The ‘official’ ride begins around 1:15 PM, right after the 1:00 PM news on VivaCité, and is set to end at 4 PM, with a long break scheduled at the refueling stop. There, water and fruits are provided for free to all participants, so they can get enough energy to successfully reach the finish line.

It’s important to mention; there is no obligation for participants to adhere to this schedule. Everyone is free to start riding whenever they want and at their own pace. This is not a competition, so there is no need to be in a rush.

(2015) Le beau vélo de RAVeL feels like a summer festival

Le beau vélo de RAVeL feels like a summer festival

Once the cycling tour is over, you can relax and enjoy a free live concert by the week’s guest artists. It’s not unusual to see renowned singers, such as Gilbert Montagné, Yannick Noah, or British band, The Rubbets, to name just a few. During the 2016 season, you will have the chance to see, among others, Marina Kaye, Axelle Red, Natasha St-Pier, Bastian Baker, Suarez, or Vianney. Check out the full lineup.

Steveie Wonder of France - Gilbert Montagné on the Beau vélo stage

Stevie Wonder of France – Gilbert Montagné on the Beau vélo stage

Sugar Baby Love... The Rubbets playing live at Le Beau vélo

Sugar Baby Love… The Rubbets playing live at Le Beau vélo

What does Le Beau Vélo de RAVeL mean?

The origin of this event’s name is a pun on Maurice Ravel’s 1928 piece “Boléro” (Le Boléro de Ravel, in French), with “beau vélo” meaning “beautiful bicycle” and RAVeL being the Walloon network of alleys and paths reserved for cyclists and pedestrians (Réseau autonome des voies lentes). Therefore, although it sounds like Ravel’s Boléro, it simply means The beautiful RAVeL bicycle. Funny pun, isn’t it?

Why Attend Le Beau Vélo de RAVeL?

If the above description is not enough, here is a list of reasons why you should join in, at least once:

It’s easy. The tour is guided, with signs at every turn. You just let yourself go and enjoy the view. There is no need to fill up your mind with street names and routes and no way to get lost.

The tour is clearly marked

The tour is clearly marked

It’s safe. The police also lend a hand to this event. At the busiest intersections, they handle the traffic and make sure cyclists are riding safely – for instance when crossing a national road. Although it’s still important to ride carefully and wear a helmet, the risk of accidents is highly reduced.

It’s surprising. As the route is chosen by the organisers, it’s your time to simply discover the destinations. So ride on and be surprised by what you see, knowing you might have never known of that beautiful village if it wasn’t for the Beau Vélo.

Cycling through the countryside with Beau Velo

Cycling through the countryside with Beau Velo

It’s nice. People of all ages, bicycles of all sizes, families with courageous kids, even dogs… are all riding together for their well-being. It’s a different way of getting to know Belgium and its locals; not to mention the concerts and various activities that make up a nice weekend getaway.

You can't miss the beautiful scenery

You can’t miss the beautiful scenery

It’s assisted. Technical problem? A team of bike fixers join the peloton, so you can ask for help when in need. This way, you won’t have to abandon the tour in case of a flat tire.

How to take part

All you need to know to take part in the ride is the location of the start point. For each stage, the address of this place, along with the length of the circuit, its difficulty level, and other practical details are listed (in French) on the event’s official website. In most cases, you can reach the starting point by train or using a train+bus connection. However, if the departure camp is set in a remote village, it might be poorly served by public transport, so an extra bike ride might be required. Personally, I am not scared of riding the extra distance from the train station to the Beau vélo camp, before and after the tour, but that’s just me. The best bet is to check all the details (and the map) beforehand and organise your day according to your capabilities.

Checking out the departure camp

Checking out the departure camp

Regarding the bicycle itself, it is always more convenient to take your own. My previous articles concerning taking your own bike on the train or using a bike sharing system might also help you. However, if none of these is an option for you, you can rent one of the bicycles available on the spot. In 2016, renting a standard bike will cost you 14€, while a tandem is 22€ for the whole afternoon. There are also electric bikes available, for 34€. But note these bikes, regardless of their type, can be fully booked and thus unavailable if you count on renting one right away. Consider booking and paying your bike in advance. Not only will you be sure to have a pair of wheels to ride, but it will also cost you a few bucks less. To make a reservation and ask for more information, simply call Mr. Bernard Gabriel at 0479 12 33 58. The payment can be made to his Belgian account number BE69 0011 2312 2378.

Bikes waiting for the loop on the departure camp

Bikes waiting for the loop on the departure camp

Where next?

The 2017 season of Le beau vélo de RAVeL kicks off Saturday, 24 June. There is one stage scheduled every other Saturday, until 9 September, while the final stage traditionally takes place in Brussels, on the Car-Free Sunday (17 September this year).

Here is the list of the places where 2017’s stages take place:

24 June: Comines

1 July: Raeren

8 July: Orp-Jauche – Hélécine ( Domaine provincial)

15 July: Libin ( Euro Space Center) (APAQ-W)

20 July: La Nuit du RAVeL à La Louvière

22 July: La Louvière

29 July: Esneux-Fraiture ( 30 ans CHU et SPICY 3 )

5 August: Lessines

12 August: Welkenraedt

19 August: Woluwe-Saint-Pierre ( Cap 48)

26 August: Dison ( Province de Liège)

2 September: Ottignies- Louvain-la-Neuve

9 September: Rumes-Tournai ( Journée du patrimoine – YFU )

17 September: Bruxelles ( Car-Free Sunday )

See the complete list of departure points as well as refuel break sites.

For freebie fans

Be first in line to grab your free t-shirt

Be first in line to grab your free t-shirt

It should not be the primary goal of your trip, but if you are a goodie or freebie fan, you might enjoy the free breakfast served to the first 2000 participants or the “Beau Vélo” souvenir t-shirts given away to the first 1000 to show up at the registration stand. To get them, you should be there at around 9:30 and prepare to stand in line, because it’s first come, first-served.

Now you have a new source of inspiration for your Belgian cycling trips, and I hope you’ll enjoy discovering the country this way. The good news is this event happens every summer, with a new place to discover every weekend. Therefore, don’t hesitate to invite your cycling friends and see you soon on the paths of Le beau vélo de RAVeL!

Bike through Belgium’s Hidden Gems with Le beau vélo de RAVeL

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    Thank you for the great suggestion. Do yo have any idea if the trail markings are taken down on the same day? If the markings stay longer I was thinking maybe trying to walk the trail the next day to avoid all the masses of people. How many people are there actually? Does it get very crowded?

    • Comment by Adrian

      Adrian August 12, 2015 at 23:33

      The signs are indeed taken down the same day, around 6 PM, if I am not wrong. But honestly, I don’t see much interest in avoiding the crowds, as this is what makes to event so lively. However, if you want to avoid the masses, the best solution is to start your walk long before or after the official start. A few weeks ago, I was two hours late at the start and I biked the whole trail almost all alone. The same when I started at 11 AM. Actually, the most crowded place is usually the departure camp, especially when a very famous singer is performing live – it was the case with Yannick Noah in late June this year. Therefore, I think there is always a way to enjoy this event in your own style. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate!

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