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Le Fraysse Bio Shop in Brussels

By - July 30, 2013 (Updated: May 30, 2018)

Yum, Fresh Belgian Cheese at Le Fraysse

Yum, Fresh Belgian Cheese at Le Fraysse

We’ve discovered countless wonderful Belgian artisanal products over the years; sparkling wine, goat cheese, ostrich meat, jams and jellies, gluten-free cookies, and of course, scores of Belgian beer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at Andrew and said “There needs to be a shop in Brussels where we can buy all of these delicious Belgian products.” Well now there is and it’s called Le Fraysse.

Le Fraysse calls itself a ‘responsible’ grocery. The stock is primarily organic and local. While it’s not exclusively Belgian (some artisanal products come from our neighbouring countries: France, the Netherlands, and Germany), most of the goods on the shelves are lovingly crafted in Flanders or Wallonia.

Despite Belgium’s small size, it can be difficult to visit artisanal producers. We understand it’s not practical to go trekking off to the Ardennes every time you want a local sausage or to drive to rural Flanders for an artisanal cheese. That’s where Le Fraysse comes in.

Inside the bio organic shop Le Fraysse in Brussels

Step inside the bio organic shop Le Fraysse in Brussels

Owners, Cécile and Jean Sébastien, hand select every product in their shop. They travel, discover and taste products from around the country (Our kind of people!) and bring the best back to Brussels to sell at Le Fraysse. They are passionate gourmands and believe local, ecological products are not only the best for the environment, but the best for the customer too.

Le Fraysse is more than just a shop. They offer classes on a range of topics, have handy tips and recipes on their website, create custom gift baskets containing their goodies and supply organic fruit and vegetable boxes.

As for the goodies inside Le Fraysse, we found plenty to be excited about. When you enter the shop, the first thing you notice, is a case filled with cheeses (and you know how we feel about cheese!) Next to it is a case of sweets and behind the counter are artisanal breads and sausages.

A variety of the bio organic goodies on offer at Le Fraysse

A variety of the bio organic goodies on offer at Le Fraysse: jams, Belgian beer, oils, vinegar, breads and meats.

Along one wall, we discovered a variety of jams and jellies, oils, vinegars, honey and royal jelly, our favourite cookies, and a great selection of foie gras from Belgium.

Foie Gras from Southwest France

Foie Gras from Belgium

There are bins of bulk bio items: pasta, flour, chocolate spread, and more.

In the centre aisle is an assortment of natural beauty products: shampoos, cleansers, and the like. Le Fraysse also stocks ecological feminine products, do it yourself washing powder kits and a variety of ecological household products.

Organic Beauty Products for sale

Organic beauty and cleaning products for sale: laundry soap, feminine hygiene products, shampoos, donkey milk lotions and much more.

But it was the back wall that really made us smile.

Plenty of Belgian Beer, Wine and Spirits to sample

Plenty of Belgian Beer, Wine and Spirits to sample

It’s a whole wall of (mostly) Belgian beer, wine, and spirits; most of which are hard to get your hands on, without visiting the producer directly.

Let’s just say we didn’t leave empty handed. And we’re already planning our next visit.

Le Fraysse
Chaussée de Louvain 896
1140 Evere

+32 (0)2 726 86 26

Open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 to 19:00 and Sunday 09:30 to 13:00

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