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Generous Gluten-Free Cookies from Belgium

By - July 5, 2013 (Updated: May 30, 2018)

Generous Gluten-free Organic Cookies from Belgium

Generous Gluten-free Organic Cookies from Belgium

A Brussels-based bakery is offering organic and gluten-free cookies in Belgium. Even better – Generous Cookies taste fantastic.

We’re always looking for great new artisanal products from Belgium to share with you. When those products happen to be food related, we’re even happier. So when we bumped into one of the passionate owners of Generous bakery, we were excited to taste-test his cookies.

One of our most popular posts in the past few months has been on gluten-free options in Belgium, so we knew we had to share Generous with our celiac readers. Those of you without food allergies shouldn’t overlook them. These are simply great tasting cookies. I’ll be honest, we wolfed down a couple before we had any idea they are gluten-free and organic.

Generous cookies currently come in five varieties, each with a different character, with their own story. So far, we’ve sampled three (and we’re eager to get our hands on the others).

Charlotte Chocolate is a chocolate cookie with Belgian chocolate chips, hazelnuts and a touch of sea salt. These are Andrew’s favourite. The ingredients include buckwheat and tapioca flour with cane sugar.

Our second sample was Victor Vanille, a vanilla shortbread cookie. This cookie also uses buckwheat flour, with the addition of potato starch, butter and vanilla.

My absolute favourite (so far) is Sylvain Speculoos. These speculoos are spicy and delicious and I would never guess anything is ‘missing’ from them, like many dry gluten-free cookies. In fact, this is one of the best speculoos cookies I’ve had, full stop.

Sylvain Speculoos by Brussels-Based Generous Bakery

Sylvain Speculoos by Brussels-Based Generous Bakery – One of the best Speculoos I’ve tasted – AND they are Gluten-free!

The two other varieties we haven’t tried yet are Nicole Noisette, a crunchy hazelnut cookie, and Celine Citron, a lemon butter shortbread I’m eager to get my hands on.

All of the cookies are handmade in Generous’ Brussels workshop, from organic ingredients. You can read the ingredients list for each cookie on their website.

We found Generous cookies at Rob, the Gourmet Market, for about 4.50€ per bag, but they are available at many locations around the country and are slowly spreading across Europe.

If you’re a cookie fan, with or without a gluten sensitivity, give these delicious, local cookies a try.

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