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Articles About Amsterdam and North Holland

6 Things I Miss About Amsterdam

Ah Amsterdam, so much to miss…

If you dig way, way back in the CheeseWeb archives, you’ll find the saga of our arrival in Europe. Those days, CheeseWeb was simply a personal journal for my close friends and family, back home in Canada. You’ll find a lot of (badly written) posts about our time in Amsterdam, from 2004 and 2005, but since those days, I’ve written very little about one of my favourite cities in the world.

Despite the relatively short time we spent living there, (7 months in total) it still feels like home, when we visit. So today I’d like to share a bit of my Amsterdam with you, with six things I miss about Amsterdam.

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Los Pilones in Amsterdam's Jordaan neighbourhood

Los Pilones in Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighbourhood

We have loads of food options in Brussels. I’ve fallen in love with cuisines I had never even tasted before settling in Belgium. But still, there is no decent Mexican restaurant in Brussels.  If we want a nice, sit-down dinner of incredible Mexican food, we need to drive to Amsterdam. We NEED Los Pilones.

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