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Articles About Bruges, Ypres and West Flanders (Page 3)

There's much more to Oostende than just the beach

There’s much more to Oostende than the beach

Oostende is smack dab in the middle of the Belgian coast and is a popular beach destination for locals. But there’s plenty to do besides work on your tan. In fact, we have 10 reasons you should visit Oostende and none of them involve getting sandy.

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Restaurants in Oostende Belgium

This entry is part 5 of 10 in the series Best Restaurants in Belgium

When Andrew and I visit a new Belgian city for a weekend, one of our first missions is to scope out recommended restaurants and make reservations. Over the course of two and a half days, we normally have one exceptional dining experience and one or two good meals. If we’re really lucky, there will be two stand-out meals. Dining in Oostende surpassed our expectations. 

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The in Flander's Fields Museum, Ypres, Belgium

This entry is part 3 of 10 in the series Memorial Tourism

The in Flander’s Fields Museum, Ypres, Belgium

If the battlefields around Ypres give you a sense for the landscape in which the First World War was fought, the local museums provide the background and realities of the fighting. There are many museums along the front specializing in a particular battle, a type of weapon, or a specific military unit. However, in the Ypres area two museums provide a solid overview of the war and I think they complement each other well. These are the In Flander’s Fields Museum and the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917.

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German Trenches at Bayernwald

This entry is part 2 of 10 in the series Memorial Tourism

German Trenches at Bayernwald

I’ve been interested in the history of war for 20 years. Although my initial interest was the Second World War, you cannot escape the impact the First World War had on Europe, world politics, and the start of the Second World War. I’ve read many books and watched a lot of films about both wars, but nothing compares to visiting the ‘front’. Alison knows I have more than a passing interest in the wars of the 20th century, so she booked us a trip to visit the battlefields around Ypres for my birthday. This may sound like an odd way to celebrate a birthday, but it was something I really wanted to experience.

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