Our Top Belgian Gift Ideas from Amazon

By andrew - December 5, 2014 (Updated: December 13, 2015)

Christmas Gifts from Belgium

Today we share some of our favourite gift ideas from Belgium you can send to friends and family back home, via Amazon; from Belgian chocolate and beer to a bit of quirky fun.

Since 2005, Alison and I have lived far from our families. This is our choice, of course, but it is still an emotional stress, especially around the holidays.

When we go back to Canada to visit, we load up our suitcases with various Belgian and European delicacies (aka food) to share with friends and family. If you have been following CheeseWeb, then you’ll know sharing our discoveries is one of our favourite things.

With the holiday season upon us and so many people away from their families, I started thinking about how to share Belgium with family back home. Of course, you could buy gifts in Belgium and ship them. But have you seen the cost of international shipping in Belgium? bpost charges €8.70 to ship 350g in Europe (and the USA) and €13.05 to ship elsewhere. We shipped gifts our first year and then stopped. It was too expensive.

So I thought about Amazon. Amazon’s extensive catalogue and free shipping to many locations is a top choice for many people during the holidays. We use them often personally. But what sort of Belgian products are for sale on Amazon? I decided to dive in and give you my top picks.

Obviously I haven’t had time to go through every product in every Amazon country. I focused on the US and the UK stores. If you are from France, Italy, Germany, Canada, or another country with an Amazon store, you may or may not find the same products.

Tip: Amazon’s products use the same URL structure (and product codes) across all their stores. So if you see a product on, just change the ‘.com’ to your preferred store (e.g. .de) to see if it is available there.

Belgium BooksBooks About Belgium

Belgian ChocolateChocolate – What’s a holiday without some chocolate?

This is one of our top requests when we travel back to Canada. We have our favourites but when shopping abroad you can’t always get what you want. However, there are some good chocolate choices out there.

Belgian CuisineCooking is a big part of any holiday, so why not add some Belgian cuisine?

Ever wanted to learn how to make stoofvlees (flemish beef stew)? Or maybe try cooking in beer? Here are some books which are sure to whet your appetite. I’ve also thrown in a waffle maker, because you can’t have a holiday without waking up to waffles. Right?

Belgian Beer giftsWhat would a Belgian gift list be without beer?

I highly recommend the Good Beer Guide and All Belgian Beers books. They are both on my bookshelf and I use them frequently to better understand Belgian beer. I’ve also highlighted the Kwak beer glass as its unique design makes it my favourite Belgian beer glass.

Apologies to our American readers, Amazon US doesn’t carry beer. I know! It’s a sad state of affairs. However, they do have beer… soap! You’ll smell nice and have beer. It’s win-win, yes!? The reviews all seem positive about it. Please don’t try to melt it down and drink it though. Final thought: if you washed someone’s mouth out with this soap, would it be a good or a bad thing?

Belgian Fun GiftsFinished eating and drinking? Time for a bit of fun…

Holidays are supposed to be time with family and an opportunity to let your hair down. Here are some ideas to indulge the interests of your more youthful (in age or spirit) friends and family.

Gifts for BelgiansKnow a Belgian? Don’t forget them on your list!

For such a small country, we are constantly amazed at how often we run into Belgians around the world. Of course you can buy a Belgian many of the products listed above, but for some it’s just impossible to find the right gift. My recommendation is to appeal to their subtle humour and patriotism. Or stick to buying them some beer or chocolate.

Good luck with your shopping and happy holidays!
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Andrew is our resident tech-geek and is normally found lurking behind the scenes on doing things with code that Alison finds mysterious. He comes out of hiding occasionally to write about history and technology. He is also part of the duo that produces Tech Brew, a podcast about beer and technology in Belgium. He loves castles, driving on narrow, twisty mountain roads and relaxing with a glass of peaty Scotch. Follow Andrew on Google+
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  1. Comment by Amy

    Amy December 5, 2014 at 10:34

    Thank you!! This is so helpful. I had no idea some of these products were available on Amazon. Also, great tip about the URLs and product codes. P.S. I have “The Food and Cooking of Belgium” cookbook and would highly recommend it!

    • Comment by Alison


      Alison December 5, 2014 at 10:45

      I want BOTH of those cookbooks! But I have too many to scan right now as it is. I must be strong 🙂

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