Zurenborg – Antwerp Belgium’s Art Nouveau Neighbourhood

By alison - March 26, 2012 (Updated: November 19, 2014)

Detail of Summer (the Four Seasons)

Detail of Summer (the Four Seasons)

While most people know Brussels is famous for Art Nouveau architecture, fewer people are aware of the stunning examples in Antwerp. One neighbourhood stands out in particular and it is well worth a visit – Antwerp’s Zurenborg.

The Zurbenorg neighbourhood is located to the south-east of Antwerp and is easily accessible by taking the train to the Antwerpen-Berchem Station. Cross the street from the station and you will find the “Golden Triangle” of streets featuring Art Nouveau architecture, Cogels Osylei, Waterloostraat and Transvaalstraat.

These houses were built primarily between 1894 and 1906 and feature a variety of “revival” styles and influences: Gothic Revival, Neo-Renaissance, Greek Revival, Neoclassical, and British Tudorbethan architecture.

The following is a photographic walking tour of the Zurenborg:

Antwerp's Zurenborg Art Nouveau

Zonnebloem (Sunflower), Cogels Osylei 50
Antwerp's Zurenborg Art Nouveau

“The Rose” by Cols & Defever, 42 Cogels Osylei
Antwerp Zurenborg

In de Sterre, de Sonne en de Mane (The star, the sun and the moon) 25-27-29 de la Cogels-Osylei


The Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo, Waterloostraat 11. Architect: Frans Smet-Verhas
Cogels-Osylei 612

Carolus Magnus Cogels-Osylei 6–12
Waterloostraat 2628

Waterloostraat 26–28
 De Pauw, The peacock, 8 Waterloostraat

De Pauw, The peacock, 8 Waterloostraat
Waterloostraat 39

Waterloostraat 39
Tile work detail

Tile work detail
Pieter de Coninck / Jan Breidel houses Cogels-Osylei

Pieter de Coninck / Jan Breidel houses
Rose Trellis

Rose Trellis
The Four Seasons

The 4 seasons, Generaal van Merlenstraat 27-30. Architect: Joseph Bascourt

The best way to enjoy the architecture of the Zurenborg is on foot, so head to Antwerp and have a wander. Check out our Facebook Page for even more photos of Antwerp.

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  1. Comment by Georges Bolle'

    Georges Bolle' March 27, 2012 at 02:19

    I was born in Deurne, not so far away… 🙂 and even didn’t know this.
    VERY interesting, and of course… very nice pictures !!
    Many thanks.

    • Comment by Alison


      Alison March 27, 2012 at 09:22

      Thanks Georges! It really is a beautiful neighbourhood to explore.

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