Holiday Gift Baskets for Foodies in Europe

By - December 4, 2012 (Updated: November 19, 2014)

The Pate and Mousse Gift from Gifts from Europe

The Pate and Mousse Gift from Gifts from Europe

Now that it’s officially December, people are busy scrambling to finish off their Christmas shopping. Today we review a holiday gift idea for your favourite foodie; a gift basket of gourmet goodies from Gifts For Europe.

As much as I love buying gifts for my loved-ones, I loathe shopping in December. I hate the crowds and noise inevitable this time of year and I always try to get my shopping done early. But there is always one last minute party invite, requiring a hostess gift, or a request from my dear husband who tends to leave his shopping to the last minute. On-line shopping was invented for just these types of occasions.

So when I was contacted by Gifts For Europe and asked to review one of their gourmet gift boxes, I readily agreed. Testing out foodie gifts is a tough job, but you know I do it all for you dear readers.

Before my gift arrived, I checked out the Gifts For Europe website and they are what they say on the tin – beautiful gift boxes delivered around Europe. But don’t despair Non-Euro readers, they have a partner company, Gifts of Course, which delivers to countries in North and South America, the Middle East and Asia.

Gifts From Europe Website

The Gifts From Europe Website

Gifts For Europe offers one of the widest ranges of gift baskets I’ve seen. Offerings include gourmet, wine, champagne, chocolate and fruit baskets. There are also flowers and baby gifts. If you want to give a gift with a clear conscience, they even have a Fair Trade gift section. You can browse the gifts by theme or by cost and prices range from around €30 up to €330.00 for the Godiva Chocolates Deluxe & Dom Pérignon gift set.

I was also happy to see a wide range of Belgian products included, from chocolates and beer to pâté and preserves.

So what was our gift box really like? First of all, I was impressed by the packaging. I don’t put a lot of faith in the Belgian Postal system and I’ve had bad luck with just about every shipping company here, but I must say my gourmet gift box arrived in perfect condition. It was securely packaged in a strong cardboard box. Inside there was plenty of tissue to keep the gift from rattling around.

Nice presentation in a lovely hat box

Nice presentation in a lovely hat box

I received the Pâté & Mousse Gift which comes in a lovely velour-lined leather hatbox. It came tied with a bow and included a personalised gift card.

Safe and Sound with good packaging

Safe and sound with good packaging

Inside the box, the excellent packaging continued, with plenty more tissue paper. Nothing was going to get banged up in this box.

Gourmet Goodies

A nice selection of Gourmet Goodies in our box

The gift box contents included:

  • A box of Walker’s Oat Cakes
  • A sea salt shaker from Italy
  • A blend of 4 peppers also from Italy
  • 2 packages of Oxfam fair trade nuts
  • Trappist Beer Pâté from Belgium
  • Duck mousse with Port also from Belgium

We couldn’t resist breaking open the pâtés right away and having a taste. Both were excellent but we both preferred the richness of the beer pâté. The nuts and oatcakes have been securely stashed away for future snack-attacks and the salt and pepper grinders await my next cook-a-thon.

Trappist Beer Pate (top) and Duck Mousse with Port (bottom)

Trappist Beer Pate (top) and Duck Mousse with Port (bottom)

The Pâté & Mousse Gift costs €66 in Belgium (plus shipping). Could we have put a similar gift basket together ourselves for less money? Yes, but it would have required going to several shops and braving the holiday crowds. There’s definitely something to be said for the ability to shop in your PJs.

These gift baskets are perfect for last minute shopping, gifts you know you are going to have to ship anyway and people you don’t know very well or are difficult to buy for. If you ever have to do any corporate gift buying, these gift boxes certainly fit that bill too.

So if you’re looking for a gift for the foodie on your list, before you hit the crowded shops, take a peek at Gifts for Europe.

Our thanks to Gifts for Europe for supplying us with their lovely gift box to review.

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    This is excellent! I have been considering in giving a gift basket to some of my close friends and your review is very helpful. I’ll visit the website soon and perhaps try to consider the pate and mousse gift.

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      Alison December 4, 2012 at 12:43

      Glad to help Tom!

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