Living Abroad Series – Expat Interview with Suheyla Ilgaz – Part 2

By - March 14, 2012 (Updated: December 1, 2014)

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Expat Interview with Suheyla Ilgaz

Expat Interview with Suheyla Ilgaz, Part 2

Today we share the second part of our Living Abroad series interview with expat Suheyla Ilgaz, in which she talks about integrating and making friends in your new home.

If you missed it, watch our first Living Abroad video.

If you aren’t able to view the video, you can watch part two of our expat interview with Suheyla here.

A few years ago, we interviewed the founder of InterNations, the expat social network Suheyla mentioned in her interview.

Stay tuned for a new expat interview in our Living Abroad series in a few weeks. Interested in taking part? Leave a comment and our video guru, Jon, will be in touch!

Looking for more resources for expats living abroad? Check out our Expat Resources page.

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