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Leaving Your Rental Property in Belgium – a Checklist

By - June 11, 2013 (Updated: December 1, 2014)

Packing up and moving on

Packing up and moving on

The annual expat migration season has arrived in Belgium. If you are one of the many expats relocating this spring, check out this handy checklist for leaving your rental property in Belgium, supplied by the folks at Map Relocations.

  1. Make a plan and prioritise tasks in order of time criticality.
  2. Gather all your important documents into one folder (lease contract, utility contracts/bills, insurances, guarantee/deposits, maintenance contracts for alarm, heating system etc.)
  3. Check your lease contract to see what your notice period is. The penalties for breaking a lease can be high. Ensure you send a registered letter to cancel your lease, at least 3 working days before you intend the notice period to start (always the 1st of the month).
  4. Organise the exit survey on time.
  5. Organise the maintenance of your heating system and alarm system and ensure you receive the certificate from the technician. (Check your entry survey report to see what systems you are responsible for: septic tank, open fire, water softener, gutters)
  6. Do not cancel your phone or internet until the last minute, as you will find this essential in organising things to do with your departure but beware: many companies require at least 3 weeks’ notice of the cancellation date.
  7. Make repairs in advance of the exit survey to minimise damage costs.
  8. Organise a professional clean in order to minimise costs at your exit survey. A normal houseclean will not suffice. Tap filters need to be de-calcified, ovens and grills cleaned, curtains dry-cleaned etc.
  9. Organise your mail forwarding.
  10. Make sure the removal company will reserve parking spaces/lift or contact your local commune or police department to arrange it yourself.
  11. Return your car plates either direct to the DIV or your insurance broker.
  12. Don’t forget to de-register at the commune or you will continue to be taxed.
  13. Keep your bank account open for at least 6 months until all final bills have been reconciled and paid and refunds on insurances, car tax etc. have been made.

Do you have any top tips for relocating out of Belgium? Share them in our comments below.

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