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Visiting the Old Town Walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia

By - April 2, 2012 (Updated: May 29, 2018)

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Exploring Dubrovnik's Old Town City Walls

Exploring Dubrovnik’s Old Town City Walls

One of the best ways to explore Dubrovnik, Croatia’s Old Town, is by taking a walk along the city walls. If you visit during the off-season as we did, you’ll have this incredible view almost to yourself.

Dubrovnik was one of the world’s greatest maritime city-states, second only to Venice. This is in large part due to the strength of their defensive ramparts, the longest and most complete in Europe. Dubrovnik’s city walls have survived sieges by countless invaders and still stand proudly today.

Fort Lovrijenac and the Dubrovnik City Walls

Beginning our walk around the ramparts, we have a great view of Fort Lovrijenac.

The walls you visit in Dubrovnik today date from the 12th – 17th centuries and are roughly 1,940 metres (6,360 ft) long. They are up to 6 metres (20 feet) thick and up to 25 meters (80 feet) high. There’s no scaling these walls!

If you take your time, it takes roughly 2 hours to walk the entire length of the ramparts. There are a lot of stairs so you will certainly get a good work-out.

An incredible view of Dubrovnik's Old Town from the ramparts

An incredible view of Dubrovnik’s Old Town from the ramparts

In addition to the walls themselves, there are four fortresses at strategic points. There are also four city gates; two on the harbour side and two on the mainland.

Exploring Dubrovnik's Old Town City Walls

Clockwise from top left: Standing IN a roof; Peeking out at the ramparts; Andrew gets tossed in a cell; Looking back over the city walls; A view of Fort Lovrijenac from the ramparts.

Walking along the walls gives you a fantastic view of the city below. You can peer down the stair-cased alleys, peak into courtyard gardens, look at the ingenious uses of space in the tightly packed Old Town and gaze out over the Mediterranean and the ‘new’ Dubrovnik which sprawls beyond the city walls.

Peeking down the streets of Dubrovnik's Old Town

Peeking down the streets of Dubrovnik’s Old Town

Once you’ve made your way around the entire wall, we recommend you admire the ramparts from below, while sipping a drink and relaxing by the sea at Cafe Buza. You can’t get any closer to the water without being in it.

Dubrovnik Croatia's Sea Walls

In the summer, this man-made ‘beach’ is filled with tables and tourists.

Strolling along the ramparts of Dubrovnik’s Old Town is a great way to explore the city and enjoy some unparalleled views.

A perfect view of Dubrovnik from the city walls

A perfect view of Dubrovnik from the city walls

Admission Prices (The entrance ticket is also valid for Fort Lovrjenac.)
Adults 70,00 kunas (aprox €9.30)
Children 5-18 years old 30,00 Kunas (aprox €4.00)

The ticket office is located beside the Pile Gate.

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