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Dream Save Do – How to Save Money to Live Your Dreams

By - October 18, 2011 (Updated: February 3, 2018)

Dream Save Do

Dream Save Do

We all have dreams. Some of us want to travel the world. Some of us want to go back to school. Others among us want to start our own businesses or turn one of our passions into a career. But how many of us actually go after our dreams?

We make excuses to put our dreams on hold. We don’t have the time, the willpower, the skills and, most of all, the money.

But a new book launched by our friends at Married with Luggage can give you the push you need. After reading Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers you’ll be inspired to go after your dreams and you’ll have the tools to attain them.

We met Betsy and Warren Talbot this summer when they house-sat for us (More on house-sitting in an up-coming post). Betsy and Warren are currently travelling around the world. They’ve been on the road for over a year and they have money in the bank to keep on travelling for five more years. They’ve been to South America, Antarctica, Europe and are now in Asia. I’ll admit, I was jealous.

I know what you’re thinking, “Must be nice to have that kind of money.” I’d be thinking that too if I hadn’t met them in person. But you know what? They aren’t millionaires. They are regular people, just like us, who had a dream to travel the world. The difference is they actually went for it.

Betsy and Warren are two of the most inspiring people I’ve met. They are living their life exactly the way they want to and not many of us can say that. But they are also genuinely generous and giving people. They really want people to have the kind of life they have. They’ve been sharing their story on-line since before they left home. But now they’ve put their entire process into a book that is bursting with useful advice and inspiration from their own experiences.

There are lots of books that give you quotes about pursuing your dreams and living your best life. But Dream Save Do shows you step by step how to get there. Betsy and Warren give you the exact plan they used to save money for their dream. They include spreadsheets to help you budget and track your progress and list all of the on-line tools they used to help achieve their dream.

Are you too mired in credit card debt to go after your dream? Dream Save Do includes two bonus videos from a debt reduction specialist.

For three months you’ll continue to receive support in attaining your dreams from Warren and Betsy via video, audio and supporting emails. This is a whole lot more than just a book.

Most of us assume our dreams our out of our reach. Dream Save Do shows you how to figure out what your dream actually costs. Think travelling around the world like Warren and Betsy costs a fortune? One year of full time travel has only set them back $24,140. Are you inspired yet? I am.

In fact I was so inspired by Dream Save Do that I emailed Betsy when I was 40 pages into the book to tell her.

I had to write and let you know I’m on page 40 of the ebook and I am already so inspired. I knew it was going to be great but it’s even better than I expected. You two are so inspirational and once it gets out, this is going to be HUGE. I don’t even know what my dream is at the moment but you have me inspired to start saving for it. Right. Now. You rock!

I know that many of you are travel addicts like me. Wouldn’t you love to travel for a whole year? Or maybe even hit the road full time like Warren and Betsy.

I also know we have a fresh crop of readers who are new expats in Belgium. Isn’t the start of a new life, in a new country, the perfect time to pursue your dreams?

Just like a good friend, Dream Save Do will inspire you when you need inspiring, kick your butt when you need some butt-kicking and make you laugh when you need to lighten up. I would promote this book even if I didn’t know Betsy and Warren. Because I do know them, and I’ve seen how they are living their life first hand, I am all the more inspired. Dream Save Do is 116 pages of really good stuff.

If you aren’t living your dream right this second, buy this book. You won’t regret it. Buy Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers (on Amazon UK) or Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers (on Kindle and Amazon USA)

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