Morocco was a tough one for us and perhaps we had unreasonably high expectations. We had decided to spend a month there with our friends, as an experiment in working remotely. Several forces conspired against us: we had terrible internet connectivity making work challenging at best and impossible at worst; we were based in Tangier, and like all border towns it has its challenges; we were there in January and the weather was chilly and wet; and most disheartening of all, we found the majority of the people we encountered aggressive and out to empty our wallets.

It wasn’t all bad though. We bonded even closer to our friends (shared adversity and all that), came up with some interesting business ideas, made day-trips to some beautiful cities, resulting in great photography experiences, and realized that we can find a solution to any travel problem, if we’re willing to be flexible. We haven’t written Morocco off completely, but we still need time to process our challenging time there.

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