Tostadas de Pollo al Mole Verde

Tostadas de Pollo al Mole Verde

Ask any international food-lover what cuisine is missing from the endless offerings in Brussels and you’ll get the same answer – Mexican food. Andrew and I have been on a mission to find good Mexican food in Brussels, and now, our mission is finally complete, thanks to MexiGo.

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3 Belgian Lambic Beers

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3 Belgian Lambic Beers – Lindemans Faro and Apple beer and Mort Subite Gueuze.

There’s something special in the air around Brussels. No it isn’t just the delicious smell of waffles or frites! It’s the natural yeast and bacteria used to produce Lambic, one of the most unique types of beer in the world.

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Domaine des Agaises Cuvee Ruffus - Belgian Sparkling Wine

This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series CheeseWeb Drinks (Responsibly)

Domaine des Agaises Cuvee Ruffus – Belgian Sparkling Wine

We write often about the fantastic food we’re lucky to enjoy here in Belgium, but we’ve been neglecting all of the great things there are to drink with our meals. So today we’re beginning a new series called CheeseWeb Drinks (Responsibly). We hope you enjoy it!

When you think of great Belgian beverages of course beer springs to mind, but Belgians are quietly producing some fantastic wines as well. With their Cuvée Seigneur Ruffus, Belgian winemaker, Domaine des Agaises, is producing a bubbly to rival Champagne.

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Trappist Beer in Belgum

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Trappist Beer in Belgum (photo via wiki)

Trappist beer is probably the most recognized type of Belgian beer. Although it isn’t exclusive, Belgium is home to the majority of Trappist brewers. Made by monks in an abbey, Trappist beer has an element of mystery and nostalgia. But what makes a beer Trappist and what Trappist beers are available?

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Wild Mushrooms

Wild mushrooms in the autumn are one of our favourite seasonal ingredients

I wrote this post back in 2009, to address the changes I had made to my food and eating habits since moving to Belgium. Little has changed for me since then. In fact, I am even more obsessed with the Belgian food scene, seasonal and local eating, international cooking and eating anything and anywhere I can.

At the moment we are once again exploring new parts of Europe while my parents visit us and hopefully, at this very moment, we’re eating something spectacular in another country – be it a humble tapas in Spain or a 5 course menu in Prague. Bon Appetite! 

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Brussels Waffle

A Brussels Waffle with powdered sugar (by cipher on Wiki)

While to the outside world, Belgium may look like a country that argues over language, inside the country, there is an even hotter debate – who serves the best Belgian waffles?

Here at CheeseWeb, we don’t shy away from hard-hitting topics, so we wanted to weigh in on the great waffle debate. For us the best waffles come not from a waffle cart but from Belgium’s traditional cookie-maker, Dandoy.

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