Aquitaine, France

If we were to choose a home base in France at this moment, it would probably be in Aquitaine, a region we’ve explored extensively. For us, Aquitaine has everything: it’s close to the Pyrenees Mountains and the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts; it has several distinct cultures with super-friendly citizens, the food and wines are spectacular and the weather is great all year round. What more could we ask for?

Besides the mountain landscapes, we’re also drawn to the unique culture and history of this region. From the white Basque houses with their green, red, and blue trim, to the scallop shell-toting pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, Aquitaine has many stories to tell.

We discovered Aquitaine purely by chance, when we visited friends of Andrew’s family living near Pau. We made friends of our own and returned repeatedly, throughout the seasons. We’d be happy to spend more time here, exploring nature, culture, and food, in this beautiful setting.

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