Slow Life

In our crazy, hectic, always-connected lives, we’ve learned the importance of slowing down and enjoying the present moment. We’re still works in progress, but we’re trying to apply our slow travel philosophies to all aspects of our lives – on and off the road.

Because one of the most important aspects of travel, for us, is understanding food culture, the slow food movement is one that’s particularly important to us. While living in Belgium, we spent a lot of time meeting and talking to local producers of everything from cheese to gin and now we’re taking that curiosity about who produces our food on the road.

While other slow living concepts like minimalism and sustainability aren’t new to us, they are topics we haven’t talked much about on CheeseWeb. We intend to change that and, over time, share some of the other ways we’re trying to slow down and simplify our lives.

Slow Food

We love food – eating it, cooking it, and learning about it. Over the years we’ve become increasingly interested in (and worried about) where our food is coming from. We’ve actively removed processed foods from our diets and try, whenever possible, to buy local, organic, ethical, and sustainable food.

We believe one of the best ways to connect with different cultures is through food. We love talking to people who are producing foods in traditional ways or learning how to make local dishes from traditional recipes. We want to know exactly what it is that makes people passionate about their own food culture. And, for us, the best souvenirs of our travels are artisanal, local products we can use to recreate the recipes we’ve learned on out travels.


Slow Living

When we spend just about every waking hour of our lives connected to the internet, it’s hard to take any aspect of our lives slowly. This is one of our main goals with our motorhome adventure – slow down, disconnect (sometimes), and enjoy the world around us.

Because slow travel and slow food are so important to us, other principals of slow living are becoming increasingly important in our lives. We’re more conscious of sustainability issues and doing our part to preserve this beautiful world we live in, while we share it with our audience.

Living in a 6-metre motorhome, we can’t help but become minimalists. But even before this second huge downsize of our lives, we’ve become increasingly aware of how little ‘stuff’ we actually need to live comfortable lives. We’d rather spend our limited budget on experiences we can share than objects we can keep.


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