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Chilling at the spa – image by duchessa

It’s been blistering hot in Brussels for the past week or so. Although I love to see the sun, after melting in my 30+ degree living-room, I was ready to cool off. Fighting for a square inch of sand on the Belgian coast didn’t appeal and we’ve decided not to renew our gym membership, so the pool was out. Wondering where I could escape the heat on Saturday, I realised we hadn’t been to a Belgian spa in over a year.

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View of the Strip from our room at the MGM Grand

Vegas, I owe you an apology and I am deeply sorry. I imagined you were still a land of $5.99 all you can eat buffets that bake under heat lamps all day long, gathering the germs and bacteria of a thousand semi-comatosed gambling junkies. I thought there would be little to do but waste away the day at the one-armed bandits, while sipping watered-down, comped drinks. I’m sorry Vegas, I was wrong.

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After a particularly hectic month, Andrew and I decided to treat ourselves to a day of rest, relaxation and most importantly, some quality time together. After a year of hard work adjusting to a new company, a new country and a new life, we needed a break. So, we thought, when in Belgium, do as the Belgians do — let’s go to the spa.

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