Venice & Veneto, Italy

We’ve been to Venice twice and neither was under optimal conditions. The first was during our first whirlwind trip to Europe, the year after we were married. It was August and Venice was scorching hot and crammed with tourists. Our second visit was in the rain of March, with Alison’s parents. It was cold, wet, dreary, and still rather crammed with tourists. Alison hopes to return to Venice (in better weather) to explore the less touristy sites and outer islands. She may have to drag Andrew kicking and screaming.

On the other hand, just outside Venice, near Treviso, we had one of the best meals of our lives (and believe us, we’ve had many amazing meals) at an unassuming little trattoria, called Al Sile. In fact, we convinced Alison’s parent’s to return the next evening. (In truth, little convincing was needed.) With a promise of a return visit to Al Sile, Alison may just be able to convince Andrew to revist Veneto after all.

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