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Berlin, Germany

Berlin surprised us. While we expected a grey, drab city, still recovering from its dark and divided past, what we found was a vibrant metropolis, filled with creative spirit. While the memorials to the past are prominent and poignant, modernity abounds in Berlin.

We spent a fantastic summer weekend in Berlin with dear friends, where, in addition to visiting some of the historic monuments, we also explored the city’s gastronomy and nightlife.

Alison returned to Berlin, with a visiting friend, and, although the weather wasn’t as co-operative, Berlin was just as fascinating. Staying in a flat in a local neighbourhood added an extra level of understanding to the trip. Berlin is a city we could return to again and again.

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The Reichstag

Remember last summer when Andrew and I made that whirlwind trip to Berlin, Germany? Yeah, I almost didn’t either. Sure enough though, as I caught up on my photo editing, there were the photos from Berlin – evidence of a great weekend I had almost forgotten to mention here on CheeseWeb.

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t have a burning desire to go to Berlin. But the great thing about being open to travel just about anywhere is you discover places that surprise you. As a matter of fact, we ended up in Berlin to deliver wine to friends who were on a grand tour of Europe and we have them to thank for our fabulous weekend.

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