Euro Trip 2008 Part 2 – Chateau Villandry

By - November 18, 2008 (Updated: December 3, 2014)

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Loire1008-49.jpgAfter our Amsterdam adventure, Mom and Dad had a few days to discover Brussels with me. It was a nice change since they missed out on seeing the sights the last time they visited us in Everberg. They were able to explore the beautiful Art Nouveau architecture in my neighbourhood, visit Grand Place, eat real Belgian waffles, and see some of my favourite places.

After two days of sightseeing and packing, we threw them in the back of the Prius for our European Adventure. This was the ultimate test for our new car and I’m happy to say she passed with flying colours. (Although I’m sure Mom and Dad were more than happy to say good-bye to her, and all of the driving, when they left).

Our first stop was in the Loire Valley of France. Andrew and I had previously tried to visit the area, back when Orange became sick. Fortunately this time everyone remained healthy. We could only budget our time for a one night stay in Tours, which meant we could only visit two of the literally hundreds of castles and Chateaus in the area.

After checking in to our hotel in Tours, on the first afternoon, we went to visit The Chateau Villandry. This castle was on my short list because it is said to have the largest formal gardens of any of the Chateaus. I was certainly not disappointed.

The Chateau is built on the grounds of a former fortress in the 1500s. During the French Revolution the property was confiscated and in the early 1800’s Emperor Napoleon acquired it
for his brother Joseph Bonaparte.

In 1906, Dr. Joachim Carvallo bought the Chateau and spent an enormous amount of time and money to restore it and the gardens to their former splendour. It is still owned by the Carvallo family, although it is open to the public, and in 1934 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Words cannot do justice to the beauty of the formal gardens… so I’ll leave you with a small sample of the photos I took there. Watch the Photoblog for more over the coming days.


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  1. Comment by Andrew

    Andrew November 19, 2008 at 16:29

    The colours in the garden were amazing! Beautiful property… I liked the tower of course… and there were lots of fish! I don’t know if everyone can see it, but I love the different greens in the hedges where there are different plants. A great first stop in our adventure. Great photos, love!

  2. Comment by RoundAmerica

    RoundAmerica November 19, 2008 at 22:06

    I came across your blog totally by accident. enjoyed the photos and your stories. We travel all over the US, but we’ll keep these notes for our next European trip. By the way, I noticed yolu used Viator. Our son happens to own the largest tour company in the world, so next time, give him a try at All the best.

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