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Lorraine, France

We stopped in Lorraine on a whim, not a rare occurrence for us, on the way to Alsace. Always suckers for places with funny names, we decided we couldn’t miss a town called Bitche. (Yes, we are that mature.)

What we didn’t expect was to discover a lovely town, one of France’s prettiest Villes Fleurie, a huge fort, and a unique community garden. We take this all as a sign that a little immaturity while travelling can be a good thing.

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Citadel of Bitche, Lorraine, France

Citadel of Bitche, Lorraine, France

While looking at a map, did you ever decide to go somewhere just because it had a funny name? It’s something Andrew and I love to do while on road-trips. So while planning the route for our weekend in Strasbourg, I couldn’t resist heading towards Bitche, simply so I could take my photo beside the sign. Little did I know, Bitche is a lot more than a town with a fun name.

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