Make Me Up Make-Up Workshops in Brussels, Belgium

By - May 3, 2013 (Updated: November 18, 2014)

Make Me Up Workshops in Brussels

Make Me Up Workshops in Brussels

Do you want to learn how to apply make-up like the pros do? Are you getting married soon and want help creating a romantic look for your big day? Would you just like to have a fun, girly day out? Look no farther than the Make Me Up Workshops at The Hotel in Brussels.

I’ll be honest. My make-up regimen normally includes a swipe of lip-stick and a dash of blush. For a really fancy evening I may even add a dab of eye-shadow. (I know, I’m a wild woman). So when Pierre-Antoine Vettorello, the designer behind Make Me Up, asked if I’d be interested in attending one of the workshops, I dove in.

I decided to start with the basics and chose their Natural Look Workshop, covering the basics of make-up application. I dragged a friend along with me and we set off for the lovely The Hotel, early on Sunday morning.

The View from The Hotel Brussels

I can’t resist sharing this early morning view from The Hotel in Brussels

Arriving at our designated room, we were greeted by make-up artists Sybille De Beuckelaer and Nathalie Peeters and a table filled with colourful goodies.

At each station were mirrors, brushes, sponges, note pads and pens and a booklet containing an introduction to make-up application. Beverages and snacks were supplied too, (for those of us who needed an extra caffeine kick to get going in the morning, ahem).

Nathalie and Sybille began by walking us through the different types of foundation and how to choose the right colour for our skin tones. Then we dove in to choosing and applying our own.

There was a variety of brands to experiment with and we had the option to bring our own make-up with us. Nathalie and Sybille work primarily with Golden Rose and Eve Pearl and if you fall in love with a particular item, you can purchase it from them after the workshop.

Once we had our foundation base, we learned about choosing concealers. Specifically, which colours to use for a particular skin issue. We topped it off with powder to seal everything in place and then moved on to the fun part, the eyes.

Nathalie and Sybille gave us tips for choosing shadows to bring out our eye colours. We then learned all about blending. I also learned I need more practice at this step!

Nathalie demonstrating eye shadow blending

Nathalie demonstrating eye shadow blending

With our eyes done, we finished the natural look with a light lip-gloss and were ready to hit the town.

Those who were staying for the afternoon session headed off to a buffet lunch provided by The Hotel. There are 3 sessions given at a time and you can sign up for as many as you like during the day.

So, my verdict: Am I a make-up convert for life? Still no. My own natural look involves much less make-up.

Would I recommend the Make Me Up Workshops? Absolutely. If you are interested in advancing your make-up skills, or need help knowing where to start, these classes are perfect. It’s fun to experiment and learn from the professionals.

Before and after make-up

Here it is – the before and after shots. I really must love you guys to be posting my puffy-eyed before photo! As you can see, the look really is natural. If you are looking for more dramatic techniques, there are plenty of workshops to choose from.

The price is reasonable considering it includes all your materials, lunch and drinks. The workshops are 45€ for one, 75€ for two or 100€ for all three. There is also a 10% discount for returning students.

The next session will be on the 25th of May and the workshops will be:

  • Make-up for Business Success
  • A Touch of Summer
  • The Natural Glow and Shimmer

For more information or to register for classes email or visit their Facebook Page.

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