Momma I’m Coming Home!

By - October 25, 2005 (Updated: November 30, 2014)

Crank up the Ozzie Osborne tunes… Andrew and I are headed back to Canada for the first time since we moved here in April.

At the end of the last entry, I questioned if the saga would even end. I have come to the conclusion that even if I get old and grey(er) in this country, I will never have the paperwork situation sorted out. I’ve decided to let it work itself out, drink a little more wine on commune days, and let it go (we’ll see what I have to say after the next commune visit.)

The long and short of it was, Andrew called the embassy on Friday and they said that the commune ladies didn’t know what they were talking about. Ultimately we have what we need to come and go. If I get the one customs jerk who decides to hassle me, there’s not much I can do about it… other than cry and beg. So, less than a week to buy tickets, get Christmas gifts and pack…

So the weekend was a hectic one but there were lots of fun bits too. I met the Kiwi in Brussels on Friday and we spent a rainy day wandering the streets, drinking coffee, eating an absurd lunch and (re)discovering Waterstones. The Kiwi was elated by my favorite bookstore but I’m not sure that her ‘Belgian Man’ will be too happy about the introduction.

Speaking of the ‘Belgian Man’… He came to our house for supper, with the Kiwi. I cooked up a storm and there was plenty of wine to go around. A good time was had by all… or so they told me anyway.

Saturday was the Christmas shopping extravaganza. Andrew was a trooper and I tried to ‘shop like a man’ as he put it. While I wouldn’t buy the first thing I picked up, I did only comparison shop for price at a few different places. It was a pretty good compromise and we had made a good dent by the end of the day.

Sunday we planned to laze about a bit before heading back to Waterstones to finish shopping. As we were getting breakfast I asked “um… when’s the Krezip concert?” Andrew looked at me with a touch of panic and said “ah, that would be tonight.” We had both totally forgotten. Despite our post shopping fatigue, we enjoyed the concert immensely. The lead singer had such an amazing vocal range. I wondered how such a powerful voice could come from such a little woman. The concert was fairly small and standing room only. We had a decent view of the stage without being crowded against it. I’m glad we went.

So yesterday was ‘the great gift sorting incident.’ In which I discovered I over spent as usual, but not as much as I expected. Tomorrow will be ‘pack-o-rama.’ I can’t wait…

In other news: We finally installed our new (from three months ago) lights in the living room. They look so much nicer than the dusty shade that lived on one side of the room and the bare bulb on the other. I also bought the first of my Christmas decorations at Ikea. They are very un-Christmassy colours (pink, orange, lime, blue and yellow), but they are very ‘me.’ Andrew just shook his head.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be updating from home but I will have my laptop so you can still e-mail me. Wish me packing luck…

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    Di October 26, 2005 at 08:49

    You cooked like an angel, and me and my Belgian man had the loveliest time. A compromise has been reached about Waterstones … an internal compromise … I realised that books are my one terrible weakness, so I will avoid its seductive interior until I am legal here and earning money again …

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